Transport Self-help kit: Providing transport services to your community

Conducting an audit of transport services

Conducting an audit of existing transport services can provide a clear picture of the destinations and key services which your community can potentially access. A transport audit is an evaluation of all the transport services which serve your community. This can include bus and train services, community transport services, and transport services operated by community groups such as voluntary car schemes, day centres, charities and local churches. For each type of transport you may want to establish who can use it, the destinations served and the timing of each service.

It can be helpful to expand your audit to include transport services in neighbouring communities or parishes so that any transport solutions can be considered as part of the wider picture.  An appropriate transport solution may involve either linking to or expanding existing neighbouring services or developing joint services with other parishes. For further information visit 'Finding the right solutions; things to consider' (see below).

To identify transport services in your area, as well as using your own local knowledge, there are a variety of resources produced or supported by Hampshire County Council which can help you.  Links are provided at the bottom of this page.

  • Bus and Train Travel Times and Public Transport Guide and Maps are produced by Hampshire County Council and cover the whole of the Hampshire area. The Travel Times booklets contain printed bus and train timetables as well as contact information for each transport operator.  The Public Transport Guide and Map leaflets indicate the frequency of each bus and train service and transport operator contact information.

  • Community Transport online search facility is a central information point for all community transport services in Hampshire. It provides information on a Parish or District basis, and includes voluntary care groups, Dial a Ride services, Call and Go services, Cango services, Taxishares (and carshares) and private hire taxi services.

  • Good Neighbours Support Service Directory lists all the voluntary care groups in Hampshire, many of which provide some kind of transport service.

  • Community Transport website provides a link to Community Transport Schemes operating in Hampshire.

To assist you with your audit, we have included an example of a previous transport audit of a group of parishes in Test Valley and an audit template which you can download (see below).

Travel Planning

Travel Plans are likely to be a great source of information and can be produced by schools, workplaces, rail stations or even a community. A travel plan is a living document that encourages safe, healthy and sustainable travel options.  Through consulting with all those who are impacted upon by travel within an organisation, it helps to prioritise the travel related issues and puts in place a plan to address them.

There may be organisations in your local community that have already started to look at  travel and transport issues within their organisations who it would be useful for you to talk to as part of your transport audit.

To find out if your local school has a travel plan visit the schools travel plan and safer routes to school website.

Local businesses may also have travel plans or want to develop a travel plan for their work force. You can contact the work place travel team through their website to find out if any businesses in your area already have a travel plan registered on iTRACE which is an on-line travel planning database. It is used by Hampshire County Council to record travel plans that have been submitted with details including travel surveys, targets set and site audit information.  For more information for businesses about developing a travel plan, including staff survey and site audit templates, visit the work place travel web pages.

Once you have completed your transport audit, you will have a clear picture of  the transport services available to your community and those which operate in neighbouring areas.

Documents and web links

Web links to transport information sources:

Essential Reading: Finding the right solutions; things to consider