Transport Self-help kit: Providing transport services to your community

How to use this Self-help Kit

Welcome to the new Transport Self-help Kit, produced by Hampshire County Council to help Parish and Town Councils and community organisations identify and meet local transport needs.

This Transport Self-help Kit will guide you through the process of identifying the unmet transport needs for your community, considering the range of options for meeting those needs and then selecting the right transport solution for your local circumstances.  The Self-help Kit also points you to other sources of advice and further information, as well as highlighting case studies of communities that have already set up their own transport initiative.  

Establishing transport needs within your community

Many communities may feel that transport is a problem but don’t know where to start to find the right solution – and that’s where this Self-help Kit can help.  The first step is to find out more about the problems locally.  Sometimes it may simply be that people are not aware of services already available.  Sometimes there will be a need for an improved service; following the Self-help Kit’s guidance on carrying out a local survey will give you much more information on the transport needs of your local community – where, when and how many people would be likely to use a transport service.  You can then start to consider how best to meet those needs.

Choosing the right transport solution

There are many different types of transport initiative, from improving local transport information to setting up a voluntary car or a community bus scheme.  Choosing the right solution is important.  The Self-help Kit provides an outline of the range of solutions available, enabling you to understand how each type of scheme works and to establish whether it will suit your local situation.  It includes case studies showing how similar schemes operate.  There are also contact details for organisations that can provide further information or advise you on designing, setting up and running that type of transport scheme.

Information and advice on running your scheme

Once you have chosen the type of transport scheme which suits the needs of your community, the Self-help Kit show what steps are needed to get a scheme up and running.  The Self-help Kit provides a practical overview of how to design and run a transport scheme, including timetabling, fares, funding, marketing, monitoring, legal issues and sourcing minibuses.  The solution can be as simple as your abilities and as inexpensive as your resources allow. The self-help kit shows you the issues to consider for an effective and cost efficient transport scheme.

The Self-help Kit fits well with the Government’s localism agenda – it’s not a case of one solution for all – it’s about local communities reaching their own conclusion about what’s best for them at a local level.  If there are any questions that the Self-help Kit doesn’t answer, the Hampshire County Council Passenger Transport Group is on hand to provide further advice and guidance.

The Transport Self-help Kit brings together many ideas for transport into one place for the first time and opens up opportunities for local communities to seize the initiative and be creative in designing and implementing their own transport solutions.

The Transport Self-help Kit is intended to be a valuable source of information for local communities who want to take a more active role in meeting transport needs.  It has been produced by the Community and Social Care Team in the Passenger Transport Group at Hampshire County Council.  If you have any comments on the Self-help Kit or any questions you wish to ask, then please contact the team.