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HantsPrint is the preferred printing service for bulk and complex printing for all Hampshire County Council staff. The online shop allows for file(s) to be uploaded for printing and a wide range of products to be selected for manufacture in the digital print room, in Elizabeth II South.

Avoid heavy use of your office printer (MFD) and save your time and your department money!

The new online shop offers:

  • Document printing and copying

  • Booklets - three types of binding

  • Wide format - maps, plans and posters

  • Print to Post - mail merge, letter printing and mailing

  • Professional print – leaflet, posters, flyers etc

  • Scanning – hard copy to PDF

  • CD and DVD - duplication and printing.

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Further help

For further help in using the shop or an enquiry about an order, please call the team on 01962 872100.

The shop is open 24/7 and the print room operated from 7am to 6pm daily.