Procurement in
Hampshire County Council

How do I become a Supplier?

This guide helps potential suppliers understand how we do business and what opportunities are available.

A guide for new suppliers

Already a supplier?

The tender process

  • How to apply for tender documents.
  • What happens next.
  • Insurance requirements.
  • Completing the tender documents.
  • Award or rejection

Does your organisation have a unique product or service that you believe would benefit the delivery of Hampshire Services?

The vast majority of our contracts are procured through either advertised competitively tendered local, or national contracts or frameworks, therefore there is little value cold calling staff regarding your products or services.

We prefer to deal with suppliers by appointment arranged through the appropriate manager. Our team is immensely busy and find it difficult to make time for cold sales calls; please do not confuse politeness for interest. We will not produce names and contact details of individuals to sales staff unless we are have a contractual relationship or are investigating a product.

Contact us about your ideas

If you or your organisation have a new, unique or innovative product or service please get in touch as detailed below. Please do not chase up for follow up or further contact; if there is interest in your product or service we will get in touch.

  • Common Goods and Services
    Includes: Food, Furniture, Stationary, Art Supplies, Catering, Hardware, Cleaning Supplies, Technology, Early Years
    Email: County Supplies Buying Team.

  • Professional Services/ ICT / Specialist Fire & Police
    Includes: Consultancy, Financial Services, Learning & Development, Police/Fire, Specialist Goods & Services, IT & Communication Services.

  • Infrastructure and Community Category
    Includes: Highways, Waste, Transport, Energy, Vehicles, Property Services, Facilities Management, Arts, Museums, Libraries and Countryside Services.

  • Adult Services
    Includes Domiciliary, Residential and Nursing Care, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Physical Disabilities and Supporting People