Procurement in
Hampshire County Council

Construction and Maintenance Register of Contractors

Minimum criteria

Contractors wishing to be considered for inclusion on this Register are required to meet the following minimum requirements before completing a detailed application:

  • £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.
  • £10,000,000 Employers Liability Insurance.
  • £5,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance, if applicable (ie. for contracts including Contractor Design or Performance Specified Work).
  • Full audited accounts for the last two years (for works in excess of £25,000).
  • At least two good references.
  • Health and safety standards and requirements as detailed in the Application Pack.
  • Proof of Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number, registration and VAT number.
  • Undertake work that falls in one or more of the ·work categories/trades.

Contractors must comply with ALL of the above requirements for inclusion on the Register.


Basis of the Register and principal objectives

Culture, Communities and Business Services continues to implement new arrangements and procedures for developing and maintaining the Hampshire County Council built estate as it represents the highest health and safety risk area in relation to the County Council’s contracting activities.

The County Council’s Contract Standing Orders set down the position regarding a register of contractors, tendering procedures and the award of contracts.

The principal objectives to be achieved through arrangements and procedures are:

  • Establishing a list of competent contractors who will respect the County Council’s objectives and allocate appropriate resources to health and safety.
  • Providing high quality services which give value for money.
  • Providing more effective arrangements to deliver construction projects.
  • Identifying opportunities for contractors to develop more strategic relationships, adding value by harnessing their expertise at an earlier stage and using risk and value management.
  • Avoiding the potential adversarial attitude resulting from lowest price tendering which encourages claims. Directing resources to more productive and beneficial use on projects.
  • Developing a whole life cost approach as the lowest initial capital cost may not be the best value.
  • Creating a more collaborative approach with the industry and improving the working environment of people.

In response to the County Council’s objectives longer-term arrangements continue to be developed to enable direct collaborative working and a more effective basis for continuous improvement.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The County Council is committed to meeting fully its responsibilities in the area of social responsibility, ie equality and diversity, health and safety and sustainability, both in the way it works itself and in the way that the contractors who work with the Council carry on their business. While a number of these areas are subject to legislation the Council intends to work to a regime which positively supports the spirit of the law more than just simply the statutory minimum.

The arrangements respect the County Council’s criteria for contractors to be registered and include the commitment to the highest standards of health and safety.

The County Council expects contractors to take all reasonable steps for their employees and agents and to encourage sub-contractors, to become registered cardholders under the Construction Skill Certification Scheme (CSCS) or qualified under an equivalent recognised qualification scheme.

There will be ongoing monitoring and contractors be suspended or removed from the Register if their performance fails to meet the required health and safety and performance standards.


Selection and appointment procedures

The creation of the current register was the first stage of a strategy of establishing a better integrated and more constructive approach with industry. This had created a base position of confidence.

Procurement arrangements have continued to develop with the setting up of a variety of framework arrangements. Where possible, these frameworks arrangements will be utilised in the first instance, and as such HCC cannot guarantee any quotation/tendering opportunities will be offered to Registered Contractors.Tendering and business opportunities are advertised on HCC tendering opportunities website.

The County Council is committed to achieving Best Value in the provision of services, hence the use of wider criteria in the selection and appointment of contractor’s:

  • Technical knowledge and skills
  • Management skills, in relation to time, cost, value, quality and risk
  • Commitment in managing Health and Safety
  • Effective internal organisation
  • Technical approach to managing and implementing the project
  • Allocation of appropriate resources
  • The selection and management of sub-contractors

The evaluation process will be made clear for specific projects prior to preliminary tender enquiries and be flexible and variable to recognise the different nature and objectives of projects. The selection of contractors will be through a number of different procurement processes including framework arrangements, negotiation and single stage competitive tendering.


How to apply for inclusion on the Register

Contractors should ensure that they can comply with all of the minimum criteria for the Register. Then the application form and necessary enclosures should be completed and submitted to Property Services.