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What are the minimum Health and Safety Requirements/Standards for a contractor?

Contractors must ensure that health and safety (H&S) of their employees and others is of paramount importance and that H&S is considered first. All contractors must have appropriately documented systems and policies and be able to demonstrate compliance with them at all times. Their employees must be regularly trained and kept informed and the company will need to regularly monitor to ensure that the highest standards of safety are maintained at all times. Contractors must ensure that any sub-contractors they employ are able to satisfy the same minimum H&S requirements/standards (see Health and Safety Performance Standards (Microsoft Word, 393KB)). Contractor’s management systems and accident track record are also checked.

What is the Buy with Confidence list operated by Trading Standards?

The 'Buy with Confidence' initiative is a partnership between companies in Hampshire and the County Council to assist residents in avoiding 'rogue traders', etc. Trading Standards assess retailers of services and goods to ensure that they comply with consumer legislation. The vetting procedure includes criminal and civil proceedings checks, knowledge of consumer laws and an effective complaints procedure. This scheme does not assess the financial standing of the business nor the competence of the contractor to undertake construction work in terms of the health and safety legislation. Similarly it cannot be guaranteed that their work will never give rise to complaint, but should this be the case, any difficulty will be dealt with fairly.

What is a UTR?

A UTR is a Unique Tax Reference number that replaced CIS cards in the middle of 2007. Any contractor who undertakes work for Hampshire County Council must hold a UTR. Although we hold details of the number, the County Treasurer maintains the information. The UTR has no expiry date and applies for all contractors including Asbestos work and Sole Traders.

What is performance monitoring?

Contractor performance is an important factor in selection of firms for future work opportunities and consequently all the contractors managed by Property Services are subject to performance monitoring, including health and safety, when they undertake works. Individual contracts are assessed using contractor appraisal forms which are completed by both the project officer and the client. Site Safety Checks and Audits are also undertaken and the results of these assessments, together with any incidents/accidents, are analysed every month. This information is reported to Senior Managers in Property Services. Poor performance leads to contractors being included on a list of firms requiring additional monitoring, until improved performance is demonstrated and, in serious or persistent cases, to commercial remedies or suspension from the relevant framework contract.

Contractors Requiring Additional Monitoring

A contractor flagged for Additional Monitoring can still be used, however, it is recommended that you check the nature of the issue with our Management Information Team on 01962 845079 and ensure that this area is monitored closely if you are placing an order with the firm. Separate lists are maintained for contractors with Performance issues and those with Health and Safety issues. Contractors will remain on the Performance List until at least two good performance reports have been received. Contractors will remain on the Health and Safety list until at least two Acceptable Site Safety Checks or Audits have been received, following the original incident.

What are Contract Standing Orders?

Hampshire County Council must, by law, meet standing orders with respect to contracts for the execution of works which provide for securing best value and regulating the way tenders are invited. These Contract Standing Orders form part of the County Council’s Constitution and set out the administrative procedure that must be followed in seeking tenders and letting contracts for the supply of services and works.

Further information about The Constitution and Contract Standing Orders


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