Procurement in
Hampshire County Council

The tender process

How to apply for tender documents

Anyone can register an interest in a tendering opportunity. Instructions can be found in the tender advertisement.

What happens next

On registering your interest, there are two main procurement routes.

  • Restricted Procedure
    Using the Restricted Procedure, all suppliers who have expressed an interest will be issued a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) to complete and submit. All PQQs submitted on time will be assessed against certain qualifying criteria, including financial suitability, experience and ability to meet the requirements of the contract. Successful applicants will be invited to tender and will be issued the Invitation to Tender documentation to complete.

  • Open Procedure
    In some circumstances, the Council may choose to run a tender through the Open Procedure. By using this procedure, all suppliers who have expressed an interest are given the opportunity to complete the Invitation to Tender, there is no short listing process using a PQQ. This procedure is mainly used when the requirement is specialist and there are only limited suppliers who may be interested in tendering.

Completing the tender documents

Notes of guidance are provided with all tender documents. You must complete and return your tender as instructed, by the given date and time. Tenders submitted after the deadline will not be accepted or read.

Award of contract

Contracts and/or Framework Agreements are awarded based on the 'most economically advantageous tender’ to the Council. The evaluation criteria, scoring method, scores and weightings will be clearly documented as part of the Invitation to Tender documents.

We will notify all unsuccessful tender applicants in writing and provide feedback on why your tender was unsuccessful.


Insurance requirements

During the tender process, contractors and nominated sub-contractors must provide evidence of appropriate insurance. The Council’s standard insurance levels are detailed below. However, for each tendering opportunity, the levels are assessed and where appropriate increased depending on the value and risks of the contract to the Council.

Type of Insurance (where appropriate) Minimum Cover
Public liability £5 million
Product liability £2 million
Employer’s liability £5 million
Professional indemnity £2 million. The period of cover should include the period of the contract and at least six months after the end of the contract period.
Motor Unlimited for personal injury and death, £10 million for damage to property.