Project Integra - Hampshire's integrated waste management partnership

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Household Waste Recycling Centre

Hampshire’s population of 1.64 million comprised around 738,500 households in 2008/9.  The Project Integra collection authorities retain the freedom to decide on the details of the collection services they provide to their residents – standardised approaches and protocols are used only where necessary for the efficient functioning of the collective infrastructure:

  • All authorities collect the same combination of recyclable materials commingled at the kerbside (paper and cardboard, cans and tins, plastic bottles). Coverage of households by this key service is now 98%;
  • The majority of authorities provide a collection of garden waste for composting;
  • Glass is collected through bottle banks by all authorities and at the kerbside by five;
  • Six authorities provide commercial waste collections to local businesses.
Recycling collection vehicle

Additional collection arrangements are made with households for bulky household waste and healthcare waste.  Cleansing services provided by the authorities include litter bins, street cleaning, removal of litter, graffiti, abandoned vehicles and fly tipping – the resulting waste is also managed through the collective infrastructure.

In addition to the kerbside collection and other services provided by the collection authorities, the disposal authorities provide 26 Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) which accept a wide range of materials for reuse, recycling, composting or disposal.

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