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Data Management

Keeping track of over 800,000 tonnes of waste is a significant challenge!  Hampshire County Council (HCC) has developed a comprehensive electronic database system which records all vehicle movements into and out of the infrastructure sites (around 200,000 every year).  This system allows HCC to accurately report figures for financial, performance and environmental management purposes.  The Waste Collection Authorities are provided with access to their own data via a suite of reports produced by HCC which allows them to check on vehicles and make returns to the Environment Agency through the national WasteDataFlow system.


Reports are made to the PI Strategic Board every quarter as well as annually, these include individual authority and collective performance.  The dramatic changes in the way that we manage waste in Hampshire over the past 10 years is illustrated by the chart below.

Project Integra Household Waste Treatment: 2000/01 to 2015/16

Project Integra Household Waste Treatment 2000/01 to 2012/13

View the summary data for the Project Integra Household Waste Treatment chart

This is the result of significant investments by the Integra partners in all aspects of integrated waste management (communications and education, services and facilities, infrastructure) as well, of course, as the enthusiastic participation of Hampshire households.