Project Integra - Hampshire's integrated waste management partnership

Recycle for Hampshire

Recycle for Hampshire

Project Integra has developed a public behavioural change communications campaign, known as Recycle for Hampshire, which aims to:

  • increase the capture and quality of recyclables;

  • reduce waste going to landfill;

  • deliver better value for money through greater efficiencies and partnership working;

  • increase residents understanding of recycling and waste minimisation and influence behaviour through effective communication

The campaign has its own brand which can be adapted by partners to reflect their own identity but still provide a consistent message

A wide range of communications materials are produced based on market research and consultation with all partners. These include details of what can be recycled and where and the importance of reducing the contamination of the recycling collections. Merchandise and resources for events are also developed, together with press releases on issues applicable across the partnership, events and the management of the website, all of which are delivered as part of an annual plan developed by the PI Communications Group.