Project Integra - Hampshire's integrated waste management partnership


The partners collect around 800,000 tonnes of waste per year. The Project Integra Partnership provides an integrated network of facilities to manage this:

  • Waste collected by collection authorities that are not close to an appropriate facility is deposited at one of 8 transfer stations from where it is transported in bulk to the appropriate facility;
  • Two material recovery facilities (MRFs) sort the commingled recyclables into the different materials and sell them for reprocessing;
  • The materials analysis facility (MAF) undertakes the analysis of commingled recyclables to identify individual contamination rates for each authority.  Other analysis is also undertaken to support projects by Project Integra and its partners;
  • Two composting sites process the garden waste collected at the kerbside and at HWRCs into a branded compost called Pro-Grow.  Pro-Grow is sold back to local households and businesses as a soil conditioner;
  • All kerbside waste not collected for recycling or composting is sent to one of the three energy recovery facilities (ERFs) where it is burned – enough energy is recovered from the facilities annually to power 50,000 homes;
  • Bottom Ash from the ERFs is processed to recover metals which are recycled and also to create an aggregate substitute that is used locally in road construction;
  • Small amounts of residues from processing facilities as well as material that is not suitable for energy recovery are sent to a landfill site.