Project Integra - Hampshire's integrated waste management partnership

Meetings and Events

With 15 different organisations in the partnership meetings are an important part of our work – providing collective decision making, joint projects and initiatives and the sharing of information and experience. We also organise an annual conference and workshops, visits and training events as required.

Member Meetings

The main decision-making body is the Project Integra Strategic Board. Meetings of the Project Integra Strategic Board take place in public.

The Board is made up of elected members from all authorities. It also includes representatives from our partner contractor Veolia (but they do not have voting rights).

Officer Meetings

Meetings for officers take place at different levels within the partnership. These meetings are not open to the public, but some documents are available for download:

Annual Conference

The constitution provides for the holding of an annual conference for the partnership. This provides the opportunity for a wider range of members and officers to hear about the work of the partnership, examples of good practice from the UK and internationally and topical/future issues.