Project Integra - Hampshire's integrated waste management partnership

Core Values

Underlying all of our activities and the formal documents about the partnership are a set of shared values:

  • We are a partnership founded on the principle of collaboration.  This approach has served Hampshire residents well for over 15 years and continues to be essential in a complex and fast-changing environment.
  • We are a partnership that encourages two-way communication and where everyone has a say in what we do and how we do it.
  • We explain to people why we do things, particularly when difficult or counter-intuitive decisions are made.
  • We strive to be consistent in the messages we give to each other and to the wider community.
  • We want to be seen as a leading example and therefore actively seek out and promote best practice.
  • We aim to make objective decisions based on high quality, up to date data and we support our own research programme to assist with this.
  • We see, and encourage everyone else to see, the matter we deal with as material and energy resources, not rubbish, refuse or waste.
  • We encourage the view that dealing with these resources effectively is an issue for the whole community not just for particular organisations or individuals.
  • We recognise the waste hierarchy and the proximity principle.  Above all, however, we seek to achieve the optimal use of material and energy resources through a balance of the appropriate environmental, social and economic factors.
  • To this end, we strive to produce and supply high quality materials for ethical and sustainable markets, where possible, in the UK.
  • As a partnership, we accept that these core values can be challenged and changed, but only after significant and inclusive debate.  They should be seen as a framework for moving forward in a consensual manner, not a barrier to progress.