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We promote accessibility and apply inclusive principles at all project phases.

Our access team is responsible for promoting accessibility and for ensuring that inclusive principles are applied at all phases of a project. We produce buildings and environments that are practical, effective and accessible for everyone regardless of age, ability or gender, whilst maintaining a high standard of architectural design. We also engage and consult with local access groups to learn about the experiences of disabled people who use our services and buildings in order to incorporate their views into our designs.

The principal services we offer are

  • inclusive design advice
  • project support - design appraisals, access statement reviews, exhibition/ signage interpretation.
  • access audits and reviews
  • strategic advice and access plans
  • advice on the Equalities Act
  • promoting best practice principles, training, specific advice tailored to meet your needs and arranging consultation with local disabled people.

An access audit is the simplest and most comprehensive way for service providers and employers to ensure that disabled people are not discriminated against. An access audit will examine the accessibility of your service and environment and identify barriers that may exist. Any recommendations are specific to your service and will take into consideration practicality, budget and usability, to ensure that improvement works are cost effective.

Our access officers have a comprehensive knowledge in construction. They meet with architects and designers at the very start of a project to discuss the design aspirations and objectives of the scheme. Our technical knowledge, experience and practical approach provides essential support to the design team. Depending on the complexity of a project we meet with the design team throughout the project to ensure that inclusion is considered at all stages through to completion.



Kim Walsgrove

Senior Access Officer

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Shona Forsyth

Access Officer

01962 847801