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Everest Community College

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  • Everest Community College
  • Everest Community College
  • Everest Community College
  • Everest Community College
  • Everest Community College
  • Everest Community College
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Set up on a hill, the stunning new Everest College campus overlooks Basingstoke. The campus has a public square and provides substantial community as well as educational facilities, including a health and fitness suite and floodlit sports pitches.

Access to the college and community spaces is gained from a new public square via an internal street which is revealed at the entrance as double height glazed elevation behind a colonnade with a deep overhang. The external landscape design and courtyards are unified by a theme of a mathematical relationship contained within the Fibonacci series which permeates nature, architecture, art, mathematics and music.

The construction of the new campus is designed around sustainable objectives which includes maximising low energy design and natural ventilation, night time cooling, an array of photo-voltaic cells, presence and daylight dimming of the lighting and the installation of a wind turbine. It is anticipated that this will have a positive impact on running costs and be of educational benefit for building users and pupils who will be able to obtain information from the building management system.

Everest Community College provides state of the art facilities and a stimulating and inspirational environment for staff, pupils and the wider community, within a landmark building.

Key Benefits

  • Situated in a suburb of Basingstoke, the new college provides the local residents with a focal point, due to the community facilities.
  • The large site does not feel like a collection of unrelated buildings grouped together, as the covered street serves to make the campus feel connected.
  • Sustainability has been a key element which will result in lower running costs for the college.
  • The new school has provided a wonderful education environment which has been praised by pupils and staff.

Project details

Sherbourne St John, Basingstoke, Hampshire

Hampshire County Council

Value £21.7m

Completed July 2007

Commendation Civic Trust Award 2008

Specialist Contact

Andy Pritchard

01962 847801