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Wellstead Primary School

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  • Wellstead Primary School
  • Wellstead Primary School
  • Wellstead Primary School
  • Wellstead Primary School
  • Wellstead Primary School
  • Wellstead Primary School
  • Wellstead Primary School

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Wellstead Primary School is a new One Form Entry Primary (210 place) School serving the Dowd’s Farm housing development in Hedge End, Hampshire. The site, at the tip of a green lung that cuts traditional developer housing in two, was originally an established farm owned by the Salvation Army. The accommodation includes seven classrooms, music/drama space, main hall, food-technology space, CDT space, SEN rooms, admin accommodation, sanitary accommodation including a hygiene room and necessary staff accommodation.

Designed in two principal, steeply pitched roofed linear forms, the main teaching block in one and the hall/music drama in the other, that form two sides to a courtyard with the admin and additional curriculum facilities being housed in cedar clad flat roofed flanks. The courtyard space is completed by the library to the west.

It creates a shop front to the wider community linking the pupils, the parents and the community with the heart of the school. A simple glazed link to the east can be opened up to extend this central space and link it to the formal hard play area.

The school’s layout enables the building to have an extended use with community focused spaces being located so that the teaching spaces can remain secure.

The primary energy source for the heating are five ground source heat pumps which is supplemented by solar panels to provide the school’s hot water. All services have smart meters and the lighting is daylight linked with movement sensors.

Key Benefits

  • Co-location of services that meets the needs of the school and the wider community.
  • Ground source-heat pumps and solar thermal technology has greatly reduced the school’s carbon footprint.
  • The interior and exterior of the school has been designed to provide a diverse and flexible range of spaces resulting in an inspirational learning environment.
  • Experience gained from previous large projects enabled maximisation of efficiencies and minimisation of construction time.

Project details


Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire


Hampshire County Council, Children’s Services

Value 4.4m

Completed August 2008


RIBA Award 2010

Solent Architecture Design Centre Award for Quality Place 2010

FX International Best Interior Design Award 2009

CIAT Technical Excellence Award 2009

Specialist Contact

Liam Presley

01962 847801