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Building engineering design

Roof structure

We offer fully integrated, co-ordinated and optimised engineering solutions for all manner and scope of construction projects.

Our structural, electrical and mechanical engineering designers have worked for a large number of public sector organisations. We are involved at every step of the feasibility, design, procurement and construction process, developing an individual structural and services solution for every project, be it a small school extension or a multi million pound museum.

Getting it right from the start

We approach each project as a new challenge. Close collaboration with our project design teams enables us to develop effective and efficient engineering solutions.

We ensure that the early option appraisals are sound and potential solutions are appropriate and rigorously challenged. Our excellent track record of well designed, well engineered projects and programmes of work for both the County Council and external clients speaks for us – we have developed an extensive portfolio of reliable, efficient off-the-shelf designs for a wide range of work programmes, as well as one-off and bespoke designs for unique challenges.

Engineering excellence in the public sector

We offer strategic advice and planning of the engineering infrastructure including sustainable energy sources, site wide CHP or district heating feasibility studies.

Our team of professionally qualified engineers are also able to offer a number of specialist services such as predictive dynamic thermal modelling, daylight optimisation, sun path analysis and low-carbon consultancy.

Our structural engineering design team have a wide range of expertise in the major construction materials – concrete, timber, steel – and have developed a specialist knowledge of SCOLA buildings construction.

Environmental engineering

Rather than rely on the people in a building controlling their energy use, we aim for the most ‘passive’ design possible in a building’s temperature and lighting systems. This means making the best use of natural heat and daylight, and ensuring the building conserves energy itself through good design. Using the latest dynamic thermal modelling tools we are able to predict the environmental performance of our design options, and optimise the design to provide the most cost effective, reliable environmental control.

Structural engineering

Our specialist team undertakes complete project design from the foundations up. The team is experienced in steel, concrete and timber design.

We use the latest analysis tools to determine the most effective and efficient structural solution without detracting from the architectural aesthetic. As well as undertaking major new build and refurbishment projects we provide solutions for structural repairs, analysis of freestanding structures such as canopies and shelters and, working with our colleagues who specialise in historic buildings, we provide sensitive structural solutions for listed buildings and historic structures.

Project management

Being part of an integrated multi-disciplinary design team our engineers often lead and manage major projects particularly where the engineering content is the greater part of the works. These skills also extend to the management of external consultants and contractors through our framework arrangements, on individual projects or programmes of work.

Renewables and alternative technologies

At the forefront of the low carbon agenda for buildings , we have installed a number of renewable and low carbon technologies such as wood chip boilers, ground source and air source heat pumps, solar PVs, solar thermal and small scale wind power generation.

Our energy team is also monitoring those we have so far installed to measure the benefits.

Beyond the design – How to operate a building and its systems

Offering a first class engineering design service is only part of the picture. We recognise that handing over the building to the client is not the end of our involvement in the project. In order to optimise building performance the end user, the Facilities Management team or site manager and the maintenance contractor need support, advice and training or instruction in how best to use and operate the building and its engineering systems. Our designers ensure this is a smooth transition, providing technical advice and support throughout.



Steve Hall

Senior Engineering Manager

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As part of the Carbon Management plan we have recently installed over 250 advanced boiler control units on the boilers in the corporate estate. The controls will reduce approximately 900 tonnes of carbon emissions over the winter period and will save the Council £140,000 a year on its fuel bills.