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The key to the success of any building is a well designed interior.

Good architecture is not just about the outside; the interior is key to the success of any building. That is where our designers bring their unique contribution to the range of disciplines that make up this office. Good interior design is not a frivolous extra – it is rooted in the architecture and function of the building. It delivers high quality, delightful spaces often within tight budgets that people will cherish for the future.

More bang for your buck – refurbishment is transformation

We understand our clients have challenges ahead, money is stretched and yet the interior designer’s contribution is ever more needed. Our team of highly experienced designers can provide you with the greatest impact for the investment available, delivering distinctive interiors for modest sums of money. For example, a recent refurbishment project transformed over 200 square metres of tired school accommodation into a new reception area, library and staff meeting room with a furniture fit out budget of less than £19,000. This is always a judgement as to where best to focus the budget, born of years of experience in providing good value for money. We work with our clients to provide instant improvements but look to the long term to ensure they have enduring solutions that function robustly yet delight the eye.

Excellent value and a deft hand

Our close links with carefully selected suppliers ensure that our customers benefit from value for money and economies of scale. Regardless of whether your project is small or large we can always provide affordable solutions.

High quality and attention to detail

Our Interior Designers have an in-depth knowledge of materials, products, manufacturers and suppliers available to the industry. They bring this fluency to every project they work on. The international awards they win for their work and the plaudits received from satisfied clients confirms the satisfaction they provide.

Arts, crafts and a distinctive sense of place

Our creative Interior design team are highly skilled in adding wealth of richness to the space within, often incorporating art and craft to add a distinctive sense of place for a community. We work with many artists and craftsmen some of international repute, others less well known to commission unique pieces for key projects. For example the embroidery by Alice Kettle for Winchester Discover Centre distils the essence of the city in a contemporary piece 16.5 x 3 metres in size. Most recently a mural was commissioned from Michael Craig Martin for Basingstoke Discovery Centre to give prominence to an entrance area. These pieces are site specific. They are integrated into schemes to make high profile public spaces distinctive, welcoming and beautiful. We want people to be surrounded by spaces, objects, colours, and materials that are chosen and arranged with care and sensitivity and to experience the quality of life good design will bring.

Good design promotes wellbeing

People are our passion. We bring a depth of experience and a wide range of skills to bear upon the varied buildings in our portfolio. We offer clients not only ergonomic solutions but also a thorough knowledge of designing for people with a wide range of special needs. Some members have specialist training in ergonomic design and wellbeing in the workplace. They understand not only physical needs but also the less tangible but equally important psychological issues affecting people in the workplace.

We focus on the things our clients’ do, what they touch and see, and work with them to achieve their ambitions and goals. Experience has shown that well designed interiors contribute directly to the efficiency and function of the building, but more profoundly a well-designed interior helps build a healthy society. People respond, they learn better and heal more quickly. Wellbeing is promoted and the life force invigorated.



Paula Ashford

Specialist and Interior Design Group Leader

01962 847801