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Abbotts Ann Primary School interior scheme

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Abbotts Ann is a new C of E Primary School in the Test Valley. The school is arranged on three sides around a sheltered courtyard. It has simple pitched roofs and large areas of glass linking the landscape with the interior. The hall’s lofty pyramid roof has a central lantern, forming a beacon for the community. The interior design needed to complement this structure, provide colour and interest, and link the children with the landscape around them.

The interior is painted soft white providing a perfect backdrop for the children’s work. The flooring however is a delightful romp of colour and pattern in a vibrant palette of blues, greens , pinks and black arranged in patterned bands of polka dots of varying thicknesses to give the children a bright stimulating interior. The classrooms are quieter but each have their own identity and incorporate a finger of pattern into a plain carpet. Essential elements like barrier matting have been integrated into the carpet design, and necessary manifestation marks and way finding have also been used as an opportunity to create a playful and rich interior.

A graphic artist Craig Shuttleworth worked with the children’s own designs to create a 'Healthy Eating' mural in the servery.

To create a unified scheme inside and out, giant alliums, lavender, roses, black grasses and silver birch are placed in lines and patterns reflecting the patterned carpet inside . Further away an orchard, vegetable plot, and grassed auditorium extend the learning environment and reinforce the connection with the wider landscape.

Key Benefits

  • A child-friendly interior with a strong visual identity
  • It enjoys an innovative use of colour and pattern throughout which is both playful and stimulating.
  • The children contributed towards the interior, providing their own drawings
  • which were used for the mural in the servery.
  • The interior design complements the architectural design, which was also provided by HCC Property Services – in particular the impressive sustainable features such as solar energy, daylight linked lighting and natural ventilation throughout.
  • An imaginative and enduring interior design which provides excellent value for money.

Project details

Andover, Hampshire

Hampshire County Council

Value £3.4 million

Completed March 2010

Specialist Contact

Paula Graham

01962 847801