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Leesland Infant School worked with HCC Property Services School Landscape Strategy team in 1998. Since then the strategic plan has continued to be a valuable tool for shaping improvements and a great deal has been achieved in their school grounds.

The school found that they learned about the outdoor spaces through the guided process, how they were connected and how they took on different purpose at different times. They have found that this information is still relevant to their decision-making and is still referred to on a day-to-day basis.

Through the whole school consultation process, the school discovered that the car park was in fact one of the best spaces on the school site. This led the school to completely rethink the structure and use of the whole of their grounds so that this space could be used by the children as a space for learning and play as well as providing safer access at the beginning and end of the school day.

Key Benefits

  • The strategic plan enabled the school to communicate their needs and aspirations more clearly to the designers they went on to work with.
  • The landscape designers found that they were able to interpret the strategy plan and use their design skills and creative flair to maximum effect, rather than just responding to a list of features.
  • The grounds are now used for exploration and learning in all areas of the curriculum, and a teacher is dedicated to expanding outdoor learning for the children.
  • The school values the many opportunities the outdoor environment now provides for children to play or build up their physical strength by exercise.
  • The school has used the strategy plan to address the Travel Plan issues by installing bicycle racks and providing a covered shelter for parents and an attractive entrance area to the Foundation Stage.

Project details

Gosport, Hampshire

Hampshire County Council Children's Services        

Specialist Contact

Jane Hunter

Schools Landscape Strategy Manager

01962 847801