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Technical services

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We’ll ensure your building project is technically sound and designed to be accessible – and that the health and safety risks are managed sensibly.

Our highly experienced multi-discipline team provides advice, training and support relating to technical standards, construction inspections, accessibility design advice and construction health and safety. We ensure that inclusive principles are applied at all phases of the project to produce buildings and environments that are safe, practical and effective whilst maintaining a high standard of architectural design.

Quality and technical standards

Our specialist skills and competence based knowledge ensures that the highest quality standards are maintained throughout the various project phases. Typically our services include

  • technical reviews on construction projects
  • best practice/build-ability/ construction advice
  • guidance and training on legislation
  • fire safety advice and review of projects
  • feed back of construction information to colleagues
  • management of the Building Control Framework
  • building defect resolution
  • standardisation of construction information
  • integral links with accessibility and construction health and safety
  • technical training

Construction inspectorate service

The monitoring of quality and health and safety performance is essential to the success of any construction project. Our dedicated team offers technical inspection and support to designers and project officers on sites. It enables our clients to regularly monitor contractors working for them, helping to ensure that all projects meet the construction and quality standards required.

The Construction Inspectors work outside in all weathers undertaking

  • inspections
  • testing
  • site safety audits/checks and continually review
  • construction advice and related training

They also provide regular reports on the progress of the works and the performance of those undertaking it.

Construction health and safety

Managing health and safety is an integral part of every project, maintenance task and work activity. The legislative framework imposes clear duties on everyone and penalties should health and safety failures occur. HCC Property Services provides technical assistance by reviewing documentation carrying out audits, inspections and consultancy to review current working practices producing improvement plans as appropriate and advising on areas that require attention for compliance and best practice.

For more information please refer to our section on Strategic Risk Management.



Colin Burville

Technical Services Manager

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