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Urban/rural design and town planning

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We plan for well designed and sustainable places that enhance the character and heritage of their surroundings.

Our team of professional Urban Designers and Town Planners helps to make cities, towns and villages more successful by ensuring buildings and spaces are designed as part of a greater whole, with well-planned links between all elements. We encourage innovative designs that ensure long term environmental sustainability and promote the well-being of the community. We’ll take care of your masterplanning, local development planning, planning applications, planning appeals, licenses and all other aspects of planning advice.

When an opportunity to improve your built environment arises, we’ll ensure you make the most of it by applying the principles of good urban design and giving your area its own distinctive character. We’ll provide you with the documents you need to take your vision forward

  • urban design frameworks
  • development briefs
  • design and access statements
  • site layouts
  • supplementary planning documents.

Planning applications and appeals

We prepare, co-ordinate and submit planning applications for all major land uses, including pre-application advice and formal engagement with planning authorities and statutory consultees. We also provide you with effective representation through the Planning Appeals process with well structured and informative appeal statements.

Planning policy

We prepare your local development documents, including researching and developing design policies. We advise on the implications of national and local planning policy, and guide you in your proactive approach to asset management. Effective advocacy and representation through the local development plan process will allow you to concentrate on the end goal – real improvements to service delivery and efficiency savings.

Site promotion

Our team promotes sites through the development plan process, including necessary surveys and research, to give the best chance of allocation in core strategies and other local development plan documents. We’ll represent your site at formal consultations and public inquiries.

Examination in public

A comprehensive understanding of current government guidance allows us to give advice on the preparation of sound strategies and planning policies. We can make written representations or appearances at public sessions to justify your service strategies at the Examination in Public.

Feasibility studies

The feasibility study offers preliminary advice to allow the client to make informed decisions on the scope of potential development options. The physical, social, environmental and commercial context will be evaluated, and the planning policies and financial viability will be appraised, to identify initial development opportunities, constraints and recommendations.


Successful masterplans reveal how sites will develop over time to create sustainable places. With wide experience of masterplanning strategic land and large sites, our urban designers and town planners help you establish the strategic vision, develop this into a spatial framework, and support it with plans, visuals and design guidance.

Public realm enhancements

Good quality streets, squares, parks and other public spaces can add to the value of our urban spaces, both for users and investors. Through collaborative working with the Highway Authority and landscape architects, design improvements to public areas can be prepared as stand alone projects or to complement wider development proposals.


Successful regeneration can help to address local disparities. We will help you drive community engagement and develop joint working arrangements with local economic partnerships and private developers. Our imaginative, flexible designs will enhance your economic prospects and the environmental quality of both urban and rural areas.

Public engagement and facilitation

Consultation gives stakeholders an opportunity to outline their ideas and concerns, which can then be fed back into the design process. Through objective facilitation, we plan, guide and manage events to ensure that, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in, the objectives of both the client and participants are met.



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Planning and Design Manager

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