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Rural land management

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We’ll help enhance the sustainability, prosperity and biodiversity of your green spaces.

Green space is crucial to health and wellbeing, economic development and wildlife. Quality open space is held in high regard by local communities, and can support prosperous businesses – so sound and reliable rural land management advice is key to achieving your core aims and objectives. We’ll help you enhance the natural environment for your customers, by improving access, increasing biodiversity, managing rights of way and bringing local food into public catering facilities. With advice from our experienced rural management professionals, you can turn your countryside into a vibrant and financially rewarding part of your portfolio.

County farm management

Managing farms for Hampshire County Council for many years, our team has long experience and specialist skills in the management of farm estates. We’ll help you develop your capacity for well-managed farm tenancies and a strong farming economy.

Rural building management

Rural buildings are a key part of the land strategy for many authorities. Our dedicated building surveyors are ready to advise you, drawing on their extensive knowledge of rural property, which ranges from ancient Roman buildings right up to state of art modern farm buildings, and everything in between.

Rural recreational land management

Your strategy to improve health and well-being among local communities is something we’ll relate to. As a provider of recreational facilities across Hampshire, we’ve developed specialist skills which can be used to drive forward your business and enhance people’s enjoyment of your facilities.

Woodland management plans

Your woodland is extremely valuable – both commercially and for recreation and biodiversity. Appropriate management will help you maximise return on this very special resource. We can provide specialist advice in creating management plans and accessing Forestry Commission grant funding streams.

Gypsy and traveller management

We can help you plan your day-to-day management of gypsy and traveller sites – both permanent residential accommodation and unauthorised encampments. We have in depth knowledge and understanding of the requirements for provision of gypsy and traveller accommodation, including site acquisition, design, procurement, and management.

Agricultural planning advice

We provide independent planning advice to local planning authorities. Assessing agricultural need when determining planning applications involves a site visit and full written report within the fourteen day consultation time limit. We will share our knowledge and understanding of the agricultural sector whilst maintaining an independent view point. If necessary we’ll support an application through the planning appeal process as well as acting as an expert witness.

Green space planning

Whether you’re planning new green spaces or developing existing ones, our assessment of your green spaces will determine how well they support your organisation’s objectives and priorities, and assist you with acquisition and disposal decisions. We’re experienced at planning for the landscape changes resulting from development, climate change or mineral extraction.

Green space management

Management plans are vital to effective management of green spaces, especially when applying for funding or accreditation. We produce both operational management plans and development plans that fully integrate biodiversity, heritage, access and visitor facilities.

Countryside legislation

The legislation affecting rights of way, open access, commons and wildlife can be complex. We provide comprehensive advice and guidance on laws and regulations including the likely impacts of changes to existing legislation.

Visitor management services

We provide advice and guidance on establishing, developing and managing visitor management services to maximise income and encourage use, including retail sales, visitor centre management and education provision.

Local community engagement

The engagement of the local community is a vital part of managing and developing green space. We have developed a range of techniques to consult and involve local communities in green space planning and management. In addition we conduct visitor surveying and profiling to assist with the decisions to improve and provide services and green space facilities.



David Jones

Rural Land and Estates Manager

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Jo Hale

Strategic Development and Funding Manager

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By prudent management of our farm estate it produces over 7 million litres of milk and all the sweet corn for our school meals amongst many other products and public benefits. On average, our recreational rural estate entertains over 1.7 million people and this does not include our 4,500km public rights of way network use.