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Our Caretaking and Support Service (CSS) assists clients with their caretaking and cleaning needs through a Service Level Agreement arrangement.

We have a team of experienced Support Officers who visit our clients to help and give comprehensive advice on all aspects of site management, caretaking and cleaning.

Our service is responsive and flexible and designed to support your individual requirements, offering guidance on everything from cleaning contracts to caretaking and staff training.

We can assist you with the following, included in our Service Level Agreement (SLA):

  • support in recruiting new staff, including job descriptions and interviewing

  • comprehensive database of site information and plans

  • regular evaluation of the caretaking and cleaning role at each subscribing site

  • workload assessment and advice on staffing levels

  • expert advice on new cleaning methods, materials and equipment

  • advice on Health and Safety issues including Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) risk assessments


  • Bronze level training courses on a range of premises management topics are offered free of charge with our SLA, including:

    • Induction Programme for new Site Managers and Caretakers

    • Moving and Handling of Objects Health and Safety

    • Ladder and Stepladder Safety

    • Control of Infection

Silver and Gold level training is offered at a discount to SLA members, and all levels of training are available to non-SLA members at the standard price



Your Caretaking Support Officer

01962 847801


Our competent team successfully trains an average of 650 caretakers per year.