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Caretaking support services

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With our training and specialist equipment, your caretaker will be best prepared to always have your buildings in top condition.

Our experienced technical team offers comprehensive advice and guidance on cleaning contracts, caretaking and training of staff. Our service is responsive and flexible and designed to support your individual requirements and building type.

The range of services we offer includes:

  • Full support in appointing new staff, including job descriptions and interviewing.
  • On going ·training courses on a range of subjects relevant to premises management.
  • Work load assessment and advice on staffing levels
  • Advice on Health and Safety issues including COSHH risk assessments
  • Induction programme for new Site Managers and Caretakers
  • Expert advice on new cleaning methods, materials and equipment
  • A regular evaluation of the caretaking and cleaning role at each subscribing site
  • A comprehensive data base of site data and plans.

Our services are employed by Schools, Colleges, County Council Departments and external organisations.



Your Caretaking Support Officer

01962 847801


Our competent team successfully trains an average of 650 caretakers per year.