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Energy, carbon consultancy and water management

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We can set your building up to conserve energy and resources, helping your organisation to reduce cost, improve efficiency and tread lightly on the planet.

With 35 years of experience controlling energy and water usage, we know exactly what an organisation can do to reduce its energy and environmental impact. Working with our architectural, engineering and building management colleagues, we can ensure you are doing everything possible to minimise your use of energy and water.

We successfully manage energy of some 7,000 buildings on 1,500 sites, such as schools, care homes, libraries and offices, of varying building types and ages. We have gained a detailed understanding of how people use energy and the practical ways to reduce consumption and cost. We can support you in the following areas

  • energy and water management advice – energy audits and surveys can be provided tailored to your requirements.
  • management of your carbon reduction commitment (CRC) works.
  • provision of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), Display Energy Certificates (DEC) and Air Conditioning Energy Certificates.
  • installation and management of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). This monitors energy use in a building and/or across a whole building estate.
  • developing, commissioning and managing energy and water saving projects in all types of public sector buildings.
  • viability advice for alternative energy and low carbon technology solutions.

Energy and water management advice

With increasing demands on energy and water we can help you to control and reduce costs using our depth of experience and knowledge to inform policies and strategies in energy and water management. This approach helped us win the first ever Environment Agency Water Efficiency Award, for a local authority for long term water efficiency and excellence”.

Working with many energy providers we have negotiated very competitive supply rates. Our experience with water supply and disposal companies provides a detailed insight on how the water industry works. This means we can drive down costs by identifying leaks and realising return to sewer charges.

Management of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)

The CRC is the mandatory emissions trading scheme in which all large organisations are involved. Conforming with CRC requirements demands a total understanding of energy use and experience with the reduction of CO2.

We can provide the tools to comply with the legal obligations – and the flexible policies needed to help meet any future changes in CRC requirements.

Display Energy (DEC) and Air Conditioning Energy Certificates

We are able to offer our capability to support the data compilation and the provision of Energy Certification in relation to buildings and air conditioning systems. We have in house DEC assessor capability which provides the impartiality in relation to energy performance assessment.

Installation and management of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

You can’t control what you can’t measure” (ref Lord Kelvin paraphrased)

AMR is the fundamental tool to support and drive energy management and carbon reduction strategies. The installation and management of AMR is a capability which has developed from our own AMR programme where we can demonstrate the benefits of accurate measurement and monitoring with user friendly software.

Our experience in the provision and management of AMR enables us to offer installation expertise and support with intelligent analysis of data and energy trends.

Constructing and managing energy and water saving projects

To support energy reduction programmes we have experience in identifying areas of energy waste to develop and support the implementation of energy and water reduction initiatives. Engineering solutions can support ‘invest to save’ strategies where we can provide payback viability analysis for each strategy.

Alternative energy – low carbon technologies

The pressure to reduce the use of carbon based fossil fuels, has developed our knowledge of low carbon technologies which are being adopted as alternative energy sources. We have experience in planning and managing photovoltaic (PV), solar thermal, wind energy, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, Combined Heat and Power units (CHP), and bio fuels. Our projects having low-carbon energy generation are monitored, so our future installations benefit from a body of statistical evidence to support future technology applications.



Paul Roebuck

Energy and Engineering Manager

01962 847801


Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the world today

Sir David King
UK Scientific Advisor