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Grounds management

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Arboricultural, horticultural and grounds management advice to ensure your grounds reflect your high standards.

Our highly skilled team includes specialists in the management of trees, sports pitches, renovations and weed control. Our tree surveys ensure compliance with HSE requirements, and our grounds management contracts offer effective care that ensures you get the most out of every inch of your space.

Nominated officers and 24-hour support

Each site we take on is given access to a nominated officer who acts as a single contact and advisor on all grounds management issues. An initial survey of your site and a detailed discussion with you will establish your site’s particular requirements.

Our 24-hour service desk ensures that we are always able to respond to your queries – service desk staff have instant access to all the information about your site in our grounds management database.

Regular grounds maintenance

Our contractors are carefully selected to provide you with the best quality and value services. Lawns, beds, borders and sports facilities are carefully evaluated to ensure the frequency of maintenance visits is right – and you’ll receive a monthly report detailing the services you’ve received.

Horticultural advice

Our experienced team provides up-to-date advice on grounds improvements and development including

  • the renovation or reinstatement of grass areas
  • shrub bed maintenance and re-planting
  • hedge planting and cutting
  • weed control
  • removal of leaves
  • removal of litter

Sports facilities

Whether you have children learning their first team games, or an elite team aiming for the top of the league, the provision of good quality grass playing surfaces is vital. We offer advice on

  • marking
  • renovation of goal mouths and areas of wear
  • top dressing
  • over seeding
  • application of fertiliser
  • rolling and harrowing
  • earthquaking/roto-knifing
  • verti-draining and other drainage

Environmental advice

If you’ve got areas of scrub or corners of ground you rarely use, maybe we can help you get more from them. Our detailed assessment of your site identifies areas which could be left to run wild or made accessible as a resource. We can help with:

  • wild flower meadows
  • increasing bio-diversity
  • the creation of ponds and dipping platforms
  • opening up existing tree and scrub areas for access
  • recycling of green waste by chipping or creating log piles
  • creating small woodlands in unused corners
  • management of existing unused ‘wild’ areas
  • advice about the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (and additions/ amendments)

Arboricultural surveys and advice

Our highly experienced officers carry out regular recorded tree surveys detailing the species, age, size and features of your trees, along with any faults or evidence of disease or fungal attack. If necessary we can also schedule any work that needs doing – managing the process for you from obtaining and evaluating quotes, right through to inspecting the work on completion.

We are also happy to liaise on your behalf with the local planning authority on any conservation area consents or tree preservation orders that need to be considered.

Tree planting

Our officers provide you with sound environmental advice on areas of your site where new groups of trees or small woodlands can be introduced, and can offer creative replanting in cases where trees have been removed.



Your Grounds Maintenance Officer

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  • 7.3 million sqm of grass cut an average of 21 times a year equals a total of 153 million sqm.
  • 63,240m of hedges trimmed.
  • 520 football pitches and 606 rounders pitches maintained.