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Repair and maintenance services

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With our 24/7 responsive service, we ensure the minimum disruption to the use of your buildings.

HCC Property Services is the custodian of some 7,000 buildings across 1,500 sites. Our versatile team of in-house professionals and carefully selected framework contractors provides bespoke maintenance and repair solutions to the structural, mechanical and electrical infrastructure of your buildings. In collaboration with our valued team of term contractors we can inspect, diagnose and resolve issues promptly to ensure that your property is safe, fully operational and free from disruptions.

Efficient quality service delivery

Our highly professional in-house teams work in close collaboration with carefully selected award winning open-book term contractors, to ensure that all services are delivered to an equally high quality and cost-effective standard. Together we can identify priorities, target available funds and provide effective solutions for the buildings users in least disruptive manner. Our partners’ services are continuously monitored by us to ensure consistent quality and efficiency.

24-hour emergency services helpdesk

Our customers have access to our 24-hour, 365 days per year emergency helpdesk. The helpdesk staff log reactive breakdown calls, assess priority and allocate resources needed to ensure fast and competent recovery from sudden failures, breakdowns, or disruption. All callers are issued with a unique call reference number.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) for Hampshire schools

HCC Property Services have an established SLA in partnership with over 500 Hampshire schools that provides a responsive ‘Fair Funding’ repairs and maintenance services aimed to provide value through:

  • ‘one-stop’ arrangements for a wide range of services
  • customer focused teams and designated point of contact
  • out of hours emergency service – evening, weekends, bank holidays
  • cyclical activities (e.g. servicing routines, testing, and inspection)
  • property risk assessments and health and safety systems
  • construction, maintenance and repair contracts
  • asbestos management protocols

Our wide range of services and available contracts are tailored to your particular needs and requirements, including the scope of services delivered and their procurement route.

Capital planned maintenance programmes

Value for money is a critical aspect of planned maintenance where expert specification and careful procurement is utilised to deploy capital repairs to provide best value within the anticipated life of the building.

Programmes of work are compiled using information on building condition and reactive maintenance statistics, using individual surveyors and engineers’ knowledge of sites to target available funding at the highest maintenance priorities to ensure best value and the maximum possible life from building elements.

Building fabric reactive maintenance services

Our experienced team of building surveyors provides a 24/7 ‘first aid’ service to ensure fast and competent recovery from sudden failures, breakdowns, leaks or vandalism. In addition to reactive works, our surveyors feed data into capital repair programmes, supporting an invest-to-save ethos.

The scope of our services includes all building fabric elements including

  • carpentry and joinery
  • roofing
  • glazing
  • brickwork and external finishes
  • decorations
  • leak identification and resolution
  • damp investigation and resolution
  • vandalism response

Engineering maintenance services

Each year our highly competent engineers respond to nearly 30,000 maintenance calls and carry out 12,500 regular service visits.

The scope of our services include all mechanical and electrical systems such as:

  • heating systems
  • hot water provision
  • electrical systems and infrastructure
  • pipe work above and underground (e.g. gas, LPG, water and oil)
  • air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • air handling and cooling towers
  • all types of lifts
  • CCTV
  • fire and intruder alarm systems and monitoring
  • catering equipment
  • emergency standby generators
  • sprinkler systems
  • sewage pumping and treatment systems
  • emergency lighting
  • automatic doors and car park barriers
  • water tanks
  • thermostatic mixing valves
  • extract systems
  • fulfilling statutory obligations such as those for gas safety, lifts, boiler plant, pressure systems and electrical testing.

Health and safety

Health and safety is critical to the safe operation of any reactive service and procedures are rigorously followed to ensure that staff, visitors and building users are provided with the highest level of safety.



Geoff Curran

Property Manager (Revenue Services)

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Christopher Kemp

Engineering Manager

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