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External and internal redecoration

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The appearance of your building speaks volumes to your customers. We make sure those first impressions do you justice.

We collaborate with a carefully selected group of contractors to offer fast, high quality redecoration and joinery work. With minimal disruption to your services, we’ll undertake a complete redecoration programme – repeated as part of a term maintenance agreement if you hold one with us – which will prolong the life of your building and maintaining those first impressions.

Decorations cycle

Our specialist team will produce a programme which will accommodate your available finances, the condition of your property or property portfolio and other factors. For schools, we are currently successfully decorating to an approximate seven year cycle. This extended cycle is made possible by careful specification and quality control when the work is carried out. We can adjust programmes and prioritise works to accommodate available funding and other variables and needs.


Each year, we’ll review our records of your previous redecorations, inspect your site and consult with you to determine your tailored redecoration programme. By attending to your buildings only when they need it, we help you maximise the benefits of your available funding.

Typical areas/types of work covered by the team are

  • repairs or replacement of decayed joinery.
  • the decoration of new and existing surfaces – painting, staining or other specialist treatments.
  • preparation of surfaces to a high standard prior to painting.
  • specialist works for buildings such as residential homes and school kitchens.


The contractors who undertake the decoration works for our clients are typically selected either

  • from a formal ‘framework’, which offers contractors who have been through a full OJEU selection process which involved analysis of quality and costs.
  • by selective tendering to a pool of contractors who know the high standards we demand.

This approach allows careful comparison to provide security and the highest value for money.


Long experience of redecoration projects in all building types has given us the edge when it comes to procurement. We continuously refine our specification and procurement processes to give you the best possible value.

Excellence performance indicators

Our dedicated decoration surveyors have seen every kind of building and worked with all kinds of service users. They know the challenges of redecorating an occupied building, and have tried-and-tested tactics to avoid disruption during the work.

Key to our philosophy is excellent communication and coordination between the project manager, the contractor and your staff – from our first meeting to the completion of the project. We pride ourselves in consistently obtaining very high performance indicator scores from our clients.

Material and specification expertise

Our close collaboration with product manufacturers gives us comprehensive knowledge of both innovative and traditional materials and techniques, industry trends and issues.

This knowledge and experience of materials and techniques gives us a high level of control over the detail of your project. You can leave it in our hands knowing that we will choose the right approach for your site.



Geoff Curran

Property Manager (Revenue Services)

01962 847801


Just as short note to say that the painters did a really good job on the school. Just as importantly, they bent over backwards to be helpful and accommodating as well as finishing early. Please pass on my thanks.

Ann Foulkes
Head teacher, Alton infant school