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Strategic risk management

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We believe in proportionate risk and safety management that adds value and minimises bureaucracy.

Risk management is about getting the right balance between risk control and the avoidance of incidents or crises. It embraces health and safety, fire, asbestos and construction risks along with disaster recovery and business continuity management disciplines. Our approach to risk management is simple – we identify the practical steps to protect people from real harm, and we avoid bureaucratic form filling. We balance the unachievable aim of absolute safety with proportionate risk management to ensure best value and compliance.

A competent team

First and foremost, we ensure that our own staff understand how to apply the principles of risk management – whether they are architects, engineers or surveyors and with our expert risk management advisors on hand, all the diverse projects we undertake for you have potential risks effectively identified, evaluated and managed.

Many risks involved in construction cannot be eliminated, but they must be managed carefully. At a strategic level, our risk and safety experts identify and plan for the ‘showstoppers’ which could seriously impact your ability to deliver public services. These strategic property risks include things like arson, failure of passenger lifts and loss of mechanical or electrical services to a building.

At an operational level, we can advise on the risks inherent in the day to day activities of service delivery, such as fire evacuation arrangements.

Our customers can access a range of expert professional services including risk management advice, technical guidance and tailored ‘risk based’ improvement programmes for both strategic and operational risks.

Construction health and safety

Your building projects are affected by health and safety regulations that give you duties and obligations – and can involve penalties if health and safety failures occur. HCC Property Services provides technical assessments, audit and consultancy to review current working practice and produce improvement plans, advising on areas that require attention for compliance. We ensure that

  • people are safe – in the office, out on site, or wherever they are working – and that their health is not adversely affected by workplace activities.
  • those who design, commission and manage buildings take care that no avoidable harm could come to those who build, clean or maintain the facilities, or to those who occupy and use the buildings.
  • Our services include:
  • advice on legal requirements, good practice and safe systems of work.
  • regular site visits to advise on systems of work and standards of health and safety.
  • assessments of specific individual or global training needs and the provision of facilitating and coaching.
  • investigation of construction related incidents, consideration of the findings and advice on appropriate actions.
  • advice on CDM regulations and responsibilities relating to CDM-C, clients, designers, contractors.

Fire safety management

Our team has developed robust arrangements to ensure compliance with current fire legislation – the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This includes templates to develop suitable, sufficient and risk appropriate fire precautions within buildings, and management systems to enable the safe evacuation of people.

Our services include

  • technical support and specialist fire safety advice to building users.
  • detailed fire precaution surveys, to fit with the risk profile and target resources, to improve structural precautions through an annual programme of work.
  • collaborating with other landlords for leased buildings to ensure maintenance of fire protection devices and to ensure the safety of building users.
  • maintenance to structural fire precautions, fire alarms and emergency lighting, as identified during local fire risk assessments or within SLA agreements and landlord responsibilities.
  • working in partnership with Fire and Rescue Services to improve fire safety management.

Asbestos risk management

Before your building projects begins, you may require a survey to identify asbestos materials that may be disturbed by the works.

We will

  • identify the presence and condition of asbestos in buildings.
  • provide each building with an ‘asbestos register’ showing the location of known asbestos and where asbestos is suspected, including the type and condition of the asbestos.
  • arrange safe removal of asbestos as required.
  • ensure asbestos-free materials are used in construction.
  • provide training for all staff who manage buildings or procure construction work which may damage material containing asbestos.
  • advise contractors and monitor their performance to avoid disturbance of asbestos-containing materials.
  • report and investigate all exposures to asbestos and implement measures to avoid exposure being repeated.

Business continuity management (BCM)

Our BCM arrangements set out the recovery of key business processes to ensure the smooth running in the event of a disruption. For further information see our section on disaster recovery and business continuity.



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