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Whether you’re buying, selling, leasing or managing a property, our professional surveyors can help you make sound and informed property decisions.

Our surveyors are ready to advise on all property and construction matters – whether you’re interested in the condition of a building, the quality of workmanship or the cost of building works. We offer acquisition surveys, support with lease agreements and advice on the management and demolition of buildings. Our trusted expertise is often used by solicitors, trading standards officers and the police when expert evaluation of a building is needed in court.

We can assist you with:

  • pre-acquisition surveys to establish condition, maintenance liabilities, and the need for future investment - to aid decision making and negotiation before you commit funding

  • schedules of condition to formally record the condition of a building on a particular date such as the start of a lease

  • maintenance planning and prioritising of work to get the best of available funds

  • repairs at the end of a lease (dilapidations) for landlords or tenants, including reviewing the lease requirements, scheduling the necessary repairs, negotiating and agreeing with the other party and managing the deployment of works or agreeing a financial payment

  • management of vacant buildings prior to reuse or disposal to mitigate risks such as vandalism, theft and fire. We can coordinate the timing of staff moving out with the introduction of security and other protective measures, as well as turning off services. We can review the vacant building and adapt to varying levels of risk as part of a long-term agreement

  • demolition management, including management of the site to comply with statutory obligations, tendering the demolition work, and ensuring the site is left clear and safe on completion

  • expert witness work (civil disputes) where civil claims are made against public authorities, for example where trees or drainage on an authority’s land may be damaging an adjacent property. Our building surveyors can provide an expert report for an authority’s legal team to decide whether to accept liability or reject the claim. We can also attend court and provide expert evidence if required

  • expert witness work (criminal disputes) to support police or trading standards investigations of ‘rogue traders’ in the construction industry. We inspect building works and report on the quality of workmanship and value of the works, and provide expert evidence at trials.



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Acting Head of Property Management

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As a result of your comprehensive report dealing with the building work, he has pleaded guilty to the charges. There will therefore not need to be a court hearing, which in itself will represent a considerable financial saving. Another successful case will send a further message to those involved in low quality / high cost building works.

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