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We can help you release value from your property – without compromising your core services.

Your property is not only the physical location from which you deliver services – it is also one of your biggest investment and cost reduction opportunities. When the right time comes, its value can be realised and used to improve the services you provide. However, acquiring and disposing of property can be a complex issue for public sector organisations with many diverse property holdings. Moreover, public sector property decisions are not necessarily made simply on value but on a complex mix of best value, service delivery and efficiency. HCC Property Services will help you balance your financial goals with the services you need to protect or improve.

An A–Z agency proposition

With the increasing pressure to identify efficiency savings, most public sector organisations are looking at their property with greater scrutiny. Our knowledge and understanding of the public sector environment will help you get the most from your assets.

After many years acting as an occupier, landowner and investor, HCC Property Services has sound experience in the acquisition and disposal of freeholds, long and short leases, options and agreements. Other specialist skills including planning, development and project management are also available to ensure you really maximise the potential of your property.

Property disposals

Our team of in-house experts ensures a consistent, legally compliant approach to all disposals and maximises the value of surplus land and property assets prior to sale, to support capital and reinvestment programmes.

Our wide range of services includes

  • preparation of an asset rationalisation strategy and/or service reviews
  • identification of surplus property
  • formulation of a disposal strategy
  • advice on EU Procurement Regulations
  • valuation advice
  • dilapidation advice
  • development of marketing strategy and material
  • marketing the property
  • assessment of marketing outcome and recommendations
  • negotiation of favourable terms and contracts
  • liaison with solicitors and lawyers
  • transaction completion

Any disposals policy must ensure that sales are carried out in a compliant manner to avoid the risk of legal challenge.

Recent EU case law now suggests that, in addition to complying with the requirement of the Local Government Act 1972, it will in certain circumstances be necessary to ensure that disposals comply with EU Procurement Directives. Our well documented Technical and Professional procedures incorporate these new challenges and ensure that we can maximise opportunities against the background of this new and wider legal framework.

Property acquisitions

At HCC Property Services we have the knowledge and experience to provide our clients with a complete property acquisition service.

In the strategic management of our own portfolio, we’ve developed robust procedures and built up a team of committed and professional staff. This has enabled us to develop the unique skills required to provide tailored solutions to the wider public sector.

We have a proven track record which includes

  • identifying requirement priorities (size, location, budget)
  • undertaking searches
  • identifying options
  • accompanying or representing the client on inspections
  • recommending best property solutions
  • negotiating favourable terms and contracts
  • liaising with solicitors and lawyers
  • completing transactions
  • advising on removals and costs
  • refurbishment and space planning



David Clayton

Estates Manager (Agency)

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The Hampshire Workstyle project is being delivered in house by a dedicated multi disciplinary project team, it promotes new flexible ways of working and rationalises our property assets to ensure that the corporate portfolio is delivering efficient solutions to support front line services.

To date we have delivered the new model in to 34% of corporate premises and achieved a reduction of 30% in occupied floor space.