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We help our clients to rationalise their assets, to deliver significant financial benefits and to improve their service delivery.

The public expects services to be readily available in convenient places, without the historic segregation between different public sector providers. Public authorities are having to respond by changing the way they provide their services and how they structure their asset base to support these. Being a public authority ourselves, we understand the significance of developing a robust strategic asset plan. We will develop for your services an improved underpinning framework that focuses on the public need but will also bring significant financial benefits.

Public authorities can no longer consider their assets in isolation. Authorities need to exploit opportunities for joining up their assets and services, and in doing so release surplus buildings and generate receipts and savings. Central government, local government and other public authorities have recognised the importance of having a strategic commissioning approach – Communities and Local Government (CLG) estimate that £35 billion could be saved across 10 years against the public sector book value of £370 billion if we take a commissioning approach to capital and assets.

HCC Property Services is able to work with you to develop your strategic plan and provide the link with your partners to have a truly integrated public sector approach. As the lead authority for the asset management workstream on the National Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (NIEP), we provide links with central government and help remove barriers that have hindered progress in the past – an undertaking central government is committed to supporting.

A good strategic asset management plan will take account of changing services demands, capital and revenue funding streams, the national agenda associated with shared services, climate change and carbon reduction to ensure that resources are directed at the highest and most significant risks with assurance that buildings remain safe to occupy.

Whilst there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we would suggest a process that would include:


Determine what the overall long-term vision is for a particular place and what assets could be needed to support this. We have the knowledge and experience to help you develop your vision using a process of seeing this from different perspectives to give a balanced view.

Mapping assets

Few authorities have a comprehensive map of their own assets, let alone a view of all the public sector assets in any given place. We are able to work with you and your partners to map your assets and gather sufficient detail to be able to determine where there are opportunities for rationalisation.

Quantifying opportunities

Using a recently developed ‘Property Analysis Tool’, we are able to take the data gathered from you and your partners, along with the priorities that support the vision, and develop this into opportunity and viability reports. This will not only show where opportunities exist, but will allow you to test multiple scenarios, and provide the likely benefit that will ensue.

Strategic risk management

Our risk management strategy ensures that landlord investment decisions are based on your strategic asset priorities. We will help you develop a rank order of strategic risks leading to positive and sustained improvement in risk handling.

Outline business case

We will help you turn opportunities into credible business cases. Key to this will be engaging senior officers and members, where our experience with the County Council and with other authorities will play a major part. Getting buy-in from different levels and across multiple public sector bodies will be instrumental in moving a case from report stage to implementation planning.

Implementation planning

Using our procurement and delivery experience gained through work in Hampshire and across the South East region (Hampshire leads the Improvement and Efficiency South East – Construction and Asset Management Partnership) we will help you shape practical implementation plans. This stage is not simply about providing reports, rather giving a robust plan showing clear stages, dependencies and governance structures.



Patrick Blogg

Senior Programme Manager

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Through our experience with our own strategic property review in Hampshire and the work with other authorities, we have been able to demonstrate benefits on specific projects including

  • 70% reduction in carbon emissions
  • 30% reduction in office space
  • 75% more staff occupying refurbished space
  • £200,000 per annum reduction in running costs