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Having many buildings can be a burden. Having the right number of buildings, with the right technology, is a balance we can help you achieve.

Rationalising assets and services can reduce premises costs, generate capital receipts for reinvestment, and allow the delivery of more integrated, customer-focused services. It will enable you to improve your most important buildings for the future, and fund the work through the release of surplus assets. Making your built estate more efficient, sustainable and fit-for-purpose can be key to delivering better public services. But a strategic approach to asset management is essential to making successful investment decisions – and our asset rationalisation service will help you shape your strategy.

HCC Property Services can offer you a comprehensive approach to asset rationalisation and improvement strategies. Typically this might include an initial ‘strategic fit’ analysis to help identify potential rationalisation opportunities, a gap analysis, and then detailed option appraisals, and feasibility or viability assessments. Where surplus assets are released, we can provide planning and urban design services to maximise value prior to marketing, preferred purchaser selection and disposal.

The public sector is under increasing pressure to reduce costs, and asset rationalisation offers scope to reduce service costs whilst still retaining – indeed improving – front line services to the customer. HCC Property Services offers not-for-profit support and advice, using a combination of skills to identify asset rationalisation opportunities, and guide them through to delivery.

Understanding your asset requirements

There is a natural tendency for organisations to re-use existing buildings even as their needs change. Because of this, assets often serve the needs of the past rather than the future. Money continues to be spent maintaining buildings that are no longer fit for purpose. HCC Property Services will help you gain a better understanding of your own asset needs, based upon our experience of similar service delivery in other organisations. This improved understanding will help you to make informed decisions about any asset rationalisation opportunities identified.

Strategic fit and gap analysis

A high level ‘strategic fit’ exercise provides an insight into assets that are performing well, and those that are underperforming – whether through underuse, high operational cost, or high opportunity cost. Strategic fit focuses attention on assets where rationalisation opportunities are most likely to be found, and HCC Property Services has developed techniques and tools to help identify and analyse these opportunities.

Strategic asset management means having clarity about why assets are held, how well they are performing, what property is needed to operate efficient services, and what will be needed to move your organisation from ‘where you are’ to ‘where you need to be’. This gap analysis will identify shortcomings in the existing asset base, where rationalisation schemes are most urgently needed and will offer greatest return. From this analysis, potential rationalisations can be identified which can then be explored in greater detail through options analysis, and feasibility or viability studies.

Options appraisal and feasibility studies

The high level strategic fit and gap analysis should identify those assets where detailed option appraisals, including either viability or feasibility studies, are required before rationalisation schemes can be determined. This work involves exploring specific rationalisation proposals, sometimes including other public and third sector assets, to inform your decisions on preferred courses of action. Planning and highway advice will be obtained, and specialist advice such as acoustics, ground conditions and ecology can be sought as necessary. Valuation estimates and life cycle costs will be provided where surplus assets are to be sold and retained assets improved.

Project management

HCC Property Services can provide tailored project management according to your needs. This can be management of the disposal of surplus assets, including preparing a disposal strategy, obtaining planning consent, navigating EU Procurement Regulations, marketing, selection of a preferred purchaser, instructions and liaison with lawyers etc. Alternatively, it can include the entire rationalisation process, including the design, procurement and construction of new premises.



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