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We’ll help you deliver the housing your customers need, without damaging the local area that is equally precious to them.

Demographic changes continue to drive the demand for more housing. Public authorities face a challenge to increase housing supply but minimise its impact on sensitive sites, especially green-field locations. Our specialist team will help you tread the line between providing enough housing and protecting your local heritage – with all the support you need in following the government’s guidelines and involving your customers in your decisions.

A range of approaches to housing enablement

Whether you need to secure residential allocations on surplus sites, promote strategic landholdings for comprehensive development or regenerate run-down older urban areas, we have the experience and skills to help you make it happen.

We can also support you in partnering other organisations in the design, delivery and management of specialist supported housing such as for extra care.

The drive for increased sustainability is rapidly changing the development process. We are experienced in delivering sustainable development, and can provide sound advice on ways of achieving each level of the Code for Sustainable Homes and the financial impact of reaching each level.

Community engagement

Key to the successful planning and delivery of new housing is a degree of buy-in from the local community, including parish councils. Consultation gives stakeholders an opportunity to outline their ideas and concerns, which can then be feed back into the site selection and design process. Through objective facilitation, we have skills to plan, guide and manage events to ensure that, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in, the collective objectives of the client and participants are met effectively.


Many authorities are finding that regeneration on any significant scale has become increasingly difficult. Costs have increased due to the greater sustainability requirements of new homes, values have fallen and funding has become more difficult to achieve. Effective regeneration is often achieved through a partnership approach, which may include securing financial support and the expertise of private and public sector organisations.

The public/private partnership model is a popular option, and HCC Property Services has direct experience of using this model for delivering urban regeneration in challenging economic conditions.

We are also experienced at promoting developer-led, mixed use schemes, and securing appropriate levels of community facilities and infrastructure whilst maintaining the financial viability of the wider scheme.

Extra care housing

The UK has an ageing population, and older people now expect greater choice in housing and care solutions – the traditional model of care in the home, sheltered housing and residential care no longer reflects the needs of individuals or of society. One solution is extra care housing, where apartments that meet Lifetime Homes standards are offered for sale or rent with 24-hour care and flexible support packages to meet changing health needs of residents. This form of housing is usually delivered through local authority and RSL partnerships, but with a reduction in HCA and Department of Health grant, we can help you examine the potential for cross-subsidy from other integrated commercial development. We can help you explore all the relevant models, testing the financial feasibility and assisting in brokering negotiations with planning authorities.

SHLAA/LDF site promotion

The purpose of the SHLAA is for each local planning authority to identify sites with the potential for new housing, assess the number of homes likely to be deliverable on each site, and establish when they are likely to be developed. HCC Property Services can provide a comprehensive approach to the promotion of sites through the development plan process, from small individual sites to large landholdings, including necessary surveys and research undertaken in order to promote the site to its best advantage.

Affordable housing

Delivering new affordable housing can be challenging, particularly in rural areas where even relatively small schemes can be perceived as a threat to the status quo in villages. Even after parish needs surveys have confirmed a demand, management of the project requires strong advocacy and effective communication to ensure that local people have all the facts and can make judgements accordingly. Communities need to be involved throughout to ensure ownership of and support for schemes. HCC Property Services has experience of delivering rural affordable housing with delivery partner RSLs, and can help develop appropriate strategies to ensure success. It also has experience of promoting unallocated land under ‘rural exceptions’ policies.



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Senior Development Manager

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Over the last five years, as part of our wider disposals programme, HCC Property Services has sold land that has provided 500 affordable homes and facilitated the provision of 500 extra care units across Hampshire.