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Workplace optimisation

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We help you create the optimum working environment for providing quality services and building a flexible workforce.

We understand that you need to invest your money in services for customers – not in maintaining under-used offices. By optimising your workspace we’ll reduce your office space costs, and help you respond effectively to changes in the size of your workforce. Workspace optimisation can also improve sustainability and encourage efficient working practices.

Whether you need an office space report to help you make the right decisions, or an office space review to help you fully understand your organisation’s requirements, we can provide you with the facts, and suggest some tried-and-tested solutions. With broad experience of redesigning workspaces, and an up-to-date knowledge of flexible working technology, our teams will tailor their advice to meet your exact requirements.

Save money on workspaces

Our team of experts can give sound advice on space utilisation including audits, entire re-design of a building if necessary, flexible working layouts and equipment, and on-going management of your use of the space.

Changes in your future office needs can be hard to predict. Our tried and tested workspace strategies support flexible working, which ensures use of your office spaces will not only be maximised now, but will also be easily adapted to future changes in the workforce.

An entire team of specialists can advise you on furniture selection, procurement and installation. They will liaise with suppliers and interior designers throughout the entire programme schedule.

Space utilisation

Controlling costs, reducing environmental impact and increasing employee engagement are essential goals in today’s tough public service marketplace. Effective use of space is an important contributing factor all three of these goals, enabling you to reduce accommodation and utility costs, drive down your environmental footprint and improve working conditions. We can prepare plans that will deliver all these benefits, and even help you prepare staff for the changes they’ll experience in their working lives.

Designing interiors to support flexible working

Public service roles often involve time spent out in the community or at meetings, and few office desks are used all day long. Therefore one of the most space and energy efficient office configurations is an open environment, with workstations that are kept clear for any member of staff to use, rather than desks owned and personalised by individuals. Our space planners have a wealth of experience in designing accommodation which can be used ‘flexibly’ by staff who primarily work off-site but also need a base in the building.

Space planning

As part of the design stage, our space planners will spend time analysing how staff currently use the space which includes meeting rooms and other office support space. Carrying out this detailed analysis ensures that the final proposal offers the right balance of space, services and support areas.

Service agreements: Facilities Management and IT

With your new flexible offices, you’ll be equipped to build the workforce of the future – but only with consistent management of the space and technology. Staff need to be confident users of technology, and flexible working habits can take time to develop. We offer a managed IT service and an integrated facilities management service, both of which are ideal for supporting flexible working techniques and embedding a more flexible culture among your staff.



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At Hampshire County Council’s headquarters in Winchester, the internal office spaces were recently redesigned by HCC Property Services. The council’s office estate has reduced by more that 4,000 square metres because the new offices accommodate around 70% extra staff. Employee satisfaction with the working environment was nearly twice as high after the redesign.

Hampshire Workstyle –
A Successful Transformation Programme

Workstyle - A successful transformation programme  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 866kB