About REALM and its activities

The REALM project idea was born out of a recognised need to better connect adult learning in the regions of the European Union with EU policy development.  This will both enhance the adult learning agenda and support a better formulation and delivery of EU policies to this target group.

This project will contribute to addressing this gap by focusing on the seven key Flagship Initiatives of the Europe 2020 Strategy. By focusing on one sector, adult learning Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 60kb, and addressing the relevance of each of the seven designated Flagship Initiatives to this target group, we hope to bring EU policy closer to EU citizens

REALM will deliver four seminars over 12 months focusing on:

  • European Platform against poverty and the European Year 2012 of Active Ageing
  • Youth on the Move and New Skills and Jobs
  • Innovation Union and Digital Agenda for Europe
  • Resource Efficient Europe & an Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era

Each seminar will be structured in three parts:

  • What is the flagship policy
  • How does it affect adult education, what are its implications for the adult education world?
  • What can regional civil servants do to implement this in their regional adult education institutions?

Major milestones will include:

  • Setting up a REALM website
  • Inviting regions to contribute good-practice case studies to the website
  • Designing and delivering a programme of 4 events
  • Developing materials on the Flagships for dissemination across Europe
  • Establishing a network of regional practitioners by end of project
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