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Recycle for Hampshire

What can be included in household recycling?

In Hampshire we recycle over 100,000 tonnes of materials each year through kerbside collections, but there is still more that we could recycle. In fact, it is estimated that as much as 50% of the items disposed of via normal household waste bins could be recycled. And since it costs more to dispose of items as general waste than it does to recycle them, it makes sense to recycle as much as possible.

What's more, despite the high quantity of materials placed in household recycling, we're still not getting it quite right. Up to 15% of the materials included in these bins actually cannot be recycled.

So how can we do better? These are our two golden rules:

  1. Make sure you only include our Top 5 items in your recycling

  2. Don't put items in carrier bags, they need to be kept loose in the recycling bin or sack

It's that simple!

Did you know?

Sorting out incorrect items from your recycling costs time and money, and sometimes whole recycling bins have to be rejected if there are high quantities of the wrong things.

Find out more about why certain items can't be recycled through your kerbside collection.


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