Give us 5!

These are our Top 5 items, they're what we want to see in your household recycling.

Tins and Cans1: Tins and CansWe collect steel and aluminium tins and cans, which we recycle into new tins and cans! Drink cans, food tins, pet food cans, sweet tins...just give them a quick rinse and remove the lids.
Aerosols2: AerosolsEmpty aerosols such as deodrant cans and air freshener sprays can be included in your recycling. Try to remove any plastic bits first.
Paper and magazines3: Paper and MagazinesWe want all different types of paper! Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, catalogues, envelopes...but please don't include any shredded paper or gift wrap.
Cardboard4: CardboardCardboard packaging such as cereal boxes or similar can be included in your recycling. We are also able to accept larger cardboard boxes, but these need to be broken down into smaller pieces.
Plastic bottles5: Plastic bottlesIf it's made of plastic and shaped like a bottle, we want it! Drink bottles, milk bottles, shampoo bottles, cleaning product bottles...just give them a quick rinse and remove the lids. But please remember we can't take any other form of plastic packaging, so if it isn't bottle shaped please don't put it in your recycling.

What about everything else?

There are plenty of other ways to recycle things, but only these five items belong in your kerbside recycling bin or bag. Recycling banks or collections accept all sorts of materials, and you can take lots of items to Household Waste Recycling Centres.