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Why it’s important to put the right things in your recycling bin

Recycling items
  1. It saves money

    Transporting, sorting and disposing of items we can’t recycle all adds up to extra costs. So, making sure that you only put the right things in your recycling bin saves money.
  2. It helps us recycle as much as possible

    When items that can’t be recycled (e.g. dirty nappies and containers with leftover food) are put in recycling bins, other items such as newspapers and magazines will become dirty and damaged and then can’t be recycled. Recycling only the right things means that we do not have to waste any good items.
  3. It’s better for the environment

    Items that can’t be recycled have to be sorted out from the recycling and taken to be disposed of with the rubbish. By only putting the right things in your recycling bin, we don’t have to process and transport the wrong things twice, which means less CO2 and other greenhouse gases.
  4. It ensures that your recycling is put to good use to make new products

    We are committed to supplying sustainable reprocessors who produce quality products. This means the recycling we send to them has to be of a high standard and not include items they don't want.
  5. It saves space in your bin!

    By only recycling the correct items, you will have more space in your recycling bin to recycle more of the right things!