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Recycle for Hampshire

What happens to your garden waste

  • Step 1 - loading green waste

    Step 1

    All the garden waste from households and Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) is taken to one of Hampshire's three composting facilities in Stockbridge, Fareham or Basingstoke.  Here the materials are sieved to remove any items which can't be composted.


  • Step 2 - tractor

    Step 2

    The material passes through a giant shredder and is stockpiled into long rows known as 'windrows'. Each windrow is turned every 5-10 days to ensure everything breaks down at the same rate.  The material naturally reaches a very high temperature, killing weed seeds and degrading pesticide or herbicide residues.


  • Step 3 - compost end product

    Step 3

    After about 20 weeks the compost is ready and is mixed to the required grade and transfered into bags.


  • Pro Grow bag

    Step 4

    The final product, Pro-Grow Soil Conditioner, is certified by the Soil Association for use in organic farming and horticulture. As well as adding 100% pure organic material to the soil, it contains nutrients and essential trace elements, so you can use it in your garden to help nurture the same plants that helped to make it!



Recycling Facts

  • It takes 20kg of garden waste to make 1 bag of Pro-Grow!

Pro-Grow Soil Conditioner is available to buy at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC's) and garden centres.  

It can also be purchased online and in bulk by visiting the Pro-Grow website.