Recycle for Hampshire


Hampshire residents currently produce around 840,000 tonnes of rubbish every year. Whilst much of this is recycled or composted, a significant amount remains for final disposal.

Most of this rubbish is taken to one of three Energy Recovery Facilities (ERFs) located in Marchwood, Chineham and Portsmouth.

These facilities safely incinerate the rubbish and use the heat from this process to create steam which generates electricity that is fed in to the National Grid. Each year, the three facilities together create the equivalent amount of electricity needed to power 50,000 homes.

Further information about these facilities can be found on the Veolia website.

A small amount of rubbish collected in Hampshire is disposed of in landfill.

There is now only one landfill site open in the county for disposing of household waste, and this is anticipated to be full within 5-10 years. Thanks to the county's recycling efforts and the three Energy Recovery Facilities (ERFs), Hampshire sends just 11% of its household waste to landfill - that's less than any other county in the UK.