Recycle for Hampshire


Characters climbing into bin

Recycling at school is easy and is a great way to save money, help tackle climate change and get children involved in important issues.

The average school currently spends between £300 and £1000 on waste disposal each year (depending on size), and produces a minimum of 1 tonne of waste per term!

If your school isn’t recycling already, setting up a collection service is really easy. Recycling collections are often cheaper than general rubbish collections so the more your school recycles and the less rubbish it produces the more money you can save!

To help your school get started or improve your recycling, we offer a free recycling programme to all schools in Hampshire. Our team of Education Officers work with schools each term to help them reduce their rubbish and increase their recycling, providing sustained support and advice. Taking part in our programme is a great way to help your school achieve Eco School status and it’s lots of fun too!

Find out more about our Schools Recycling Programme.