Citizenship Ceremonies video

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Citizenship Ceremony



As a British citizen, you're joining a community of different backgrounds, cultures and faiths.

To celebrate the occasion of becoming a British citizen the government introduced citizenship ceremonies.

On St George's Day, the day for celebrating English heritage, the Hampshire Registration Service held its first-ever citizenship ceremony at the Great Hall in Winchester.

[♪ Land of Hope and Glory]

Jane Bartlett, Registration Manager

The new citizens are arriving and being booked in.

The guests are also having some refreshments. It's a beautiful day and we're in this glorious building, so we hope it will all come together.

[♪ When The Saints Go Marching In]


The citizens are seated to the front of the Great Hall.

Those who wish to swear their allegiance to Queen and country are sat to one side of the audience. And those who wish to affirm their allegiance are sat to the other side.

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Craig, New Citizen

It's a real honour to be here today to be part of the celebration to become a member and part of this country.

I'm really excited and I count it as a real privilege to be included and to celebrate this.

Lucinda Thursfield, Superintendent Registrar

My Lord-Lieutenant, Leader of the Council, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good evening, everyone.

On behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, her government and Hampshire County Council, I would like to welcome you here today on this special occasion.

And a particular welcome to those of you who are about to become British citizens.

Councillor Ken Thornber, Leader of Hampshire County Council

My Lord-Lieutenant, ladies and gentlemen,  a citizenship ceremony is, of course, always an auspicious occasion.

But tonight's ceremony is especially so as not only is it being held in this wonderful building, the Great Hall, but is also being held on St George's Day.

[♪ God Save The Queen]


And all together now, please.

Swear by Almighty God that on becoming a British citizen I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty...


A citizenship ceremony is the final stage in granting British citizenship to people who come from another nationality.

The ceremony welcomes new citizens to the community and celebrates the significance of becoming a British citizen.

Craig, New Citizen

The ceremony was marvellous, well organised and an absolute pleasure to be part of it.

Being here today was a very proud moment because it was acknowledgement from very important people and a sense of belonging and it was really properly done.

I really feel very proud today. Becoming a British citizen is an important step because it means being part of Britain and this country and it's an opportunity to give something to the country and to receive from the country.

I feel accepted and part of something and I'm proud to be British.

Councillor West

I'm delighted to be here at this ceremony this evening.

It's a fantastic venue. I admire all the people who have given up their own country and have come to take UK citizenship.


Certificates are presented to each new British citizen by the Lord-Lieutenant of Hampshire, Mrs Mary Fagan.

These certificates entitle the new British citizen to live permanently in the UK and apply for a British passport.

These are just some of the rights they now hold as a British citizen.

Irina, New Citizen

Becoming British, is something I did not think about for many, many years and now I'm really proud and really glad to be part of this country and I look forward to being the future of this country.

I never thought it would be so emotional. This ceremony was well organised, well presented and I think everybody really enjoyed it.

And we are very, very proud to be British now.

[♪ Rule Britannia]