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30/09/2010 06:14pm

Mrs Patricia Walker

Gordon Rushmer's present exhibition of Hampshire to Helmand is stunning. When I visited yesterday I was able to view my favourite sculpture, the Dancing Girls, in the warmth of the autumn sun. The Allen Gallery is Alton's best attraction; a place for coffee, information, education and peace. You are doing a wonderful job, thank you.



27/09/2010 09:53am

Joanthan Riddell

A delightful and interesting gallery containing an important collection of ceramics, with often interesting temporary exhibitions. Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff.



10/09/2010 12:41pm

Don and Sheila Goodwin

We visited the exhibition of Gordon Rushmer's paintings yesterday. His wide ranging subject material was both comfortable and provocative. It is such an advantage to be able to visit the very well presented exhibition by a local artist at a local venue that has much to offer.



22/08/2010 05:50am

Mr & Mrs Townley

We visit Alton half a dozen times each year and always come in for a coffee, enjoying the garden during the summer months.

Often we meet our daughter and family who come down from Carshalton, Alton being a half way point. The boys always look forward to drinks, seeing the garden and any exhibition.



18/08/2010 08:21am

Gossez-Ranger family from Brussels

We visited the Allen Gallery last week with my parents and were delighted. The exhibits are exquisite and very well arranged. It was so helpful to have the little books to hand to get all the relevant details. The staff are charming and we loved having afternoon tea in the cottage garden!



28/07/2010 05:01pm

Sam and Thomas Aves

We had fun colouring the insects and having tattooes in the garden. We liked seeing all the pictures and the pottery.



19/07/2010 07:11am

Mary Garner

I really enjoyed my visit on Thursday, 15th July, especially all the porcelain cups and saucers upstairs. I also thought all the catalogue books were really helpful, rather than trying to read labels all the time. I live in Norfolk but will be asking my friend who lives in Alton to take me again.


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