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04/09/2013 04:10pm

cameron gordon

im getting annoyed because they banneded happy wheels and thats the only game i really play i think the age should be 13 or over

Gosport Discovery Centre replies

Thank you for your recent review. If you search for 'happy wheels game', many of the sites are blocked by Hampshire County Council as they are categorised 'adult/mature content' or 'violent/racist/hate', so would not be available through Hampshire County Council's systems for anyone to access. That may be to do with other games that are on those sites, so it might just be that the particular site you were using has been blocked and you may be able to search for and find another one where you can play this game?

As a more general point, the new 'Go Online' system, which is being rolled out at the end of the year, will have 3 levels of filtering: child, teen and adult, so that 12-15 year olds are not blocked from accessing sites with social networking for which they are old enough to sign up. Quite a lot of games sites end up blocked because of the messaging/social networking facilities on them rather than because of any content within the games themselves.



22/07/2013 09:34am

Joshua Rook

I would like to point out that you can not save your work on the library computers and that may be a problem to many people so why can we not save work?

The Gosport Discovery Centre replies

For the time that you are logged on to the library computers you can save your work to the temporary file. You will need to save your work to a memory stick before your session ends



11/06/2013 08:50am

Joshua Rook

I realy like the library but the times for opening and closeing are alright except on saturdays when it closes at 5 and i reckong that it should close at 6 so you could have longer time and maybe it could be open on an hour on sunday.



24/04/2013 12:37pm

Mr E Ray

I would of considered that the large print section of the book section would of been a bit more accessible to the people likely to use it,as to me it has been positioned in the most depressing and dark corner they could find,normally people who require large print need daylight to assist them in seeing what they want.

Gosport Discovery Centre replies

The remodelled layout is designed to allocate more space to large print and talking book formats for which there's growing demand from customers.  We also have an increasing number of volunteers delivering Home Library Service who need access to more of this type of material.  It may be that the extra book shelves create a closed feeling to the area but we have checked carefully that spaces meet Disability Discrimination Act requirements.  With regard to the lighting, all lamps on the ground floor were changed and all fittings thoroughly cleaned as part of the recent refurbishment. Windows were cleaned and we are confident that light levels are at their optimum in line the building's design.



23/04/2013 10:17am

Joshua rook

I am very annoyed that on some games it will not work. like habbo , club penguin , face book , twitter, When 13 year olds at home can go on thesee games but in the library you have to be 15. i think that is wrong , because at home some people may not be able to go on the computers so they go to the library and go on these so lease unblock the games and do us a favour.

Gosport Discovery Centre replies

A replacement for Gosport Discovery Centre’s existing IT (called Go Online) will start to be rolled out across all Hampshire County Council Library sites this summer. The new devices will be Windows based - as this is the system most people learn upon and are familiar with. Once Go Online is introduced there will be a 'teen' category for 12-15 year olds which will give access to social networking sites.

All the sites you mention have a social networking element which is why they are currently blocked for under 16s, as there is only a single category for children. It is also why all children will need to have their parental permission renewed, so that parents are aware of the new access when they start using Go Online.

Thank you for raising this IT access issue with us Joshua.



17/04/2013 02:48pm

George Gwilliam

i feel that the PC's that are in the Gosport discovery center are old and outdated and that Apple iMacs even a 2004 one is better than a 2013 windows 8.

Gosport Discovery Centre replies

Replacement of our existing IT, project "Go Online", will start to be rolled out across all Hampshire County Council Library sites this summer. The timetable has not been finalised so we do not know exactly when they will reach Gosport Discovery Centre. The new devices will be Windows based - as this is the system most people learn on and are familiar with, it is also the platform that the County Council uses, so it can be supported by our Hampshire County Council IT colleagues.

Thank you for raising this IT question with us and hopefully the update will be of interest to you.



24/04/2013 10:24am

Mrs N B Ward

I have just visited the refurbished Discovery Centre, and wonder what idiot decided to place the children's section on the first floor. Was there a feasibility study to determine how long it would take the many mothers and buggies to use the one lift for storytime, both for the start and end? I trust health and safety determined that all toddlers would have to pass a stairs safety course before being allowed access to the first floor! The extension to the cafe simply indicated the importance of income over safety and convenience. Another deterrent for youngsters to use the library!

Gosport Discovery Centre replies

The relocation of the children’s area is in response to increasing customer demand for children's books and the need for more space to accommodate them. Since 2011 there’s been a 7% rise in issues for children’s books and the move upstairs has made it possible to introduce an additional 4 bays of children’s stock and 2 kinder boxes. The Bookworm Café is extremely popular and demand during peak periods has left some people unable to be served. It is hoped that the expansion of the seating area will resolve this problem. We appreciate that families enjoy spending time at the café and an activity table and selection of children's books have been provided.



02/08/2012 07:50am


I was really surprised by the gosport discovery center, with its fresh design and bright colour was really inviting.



20/07/2012 12:17pm

Tony Heath

Gosport DC; an excellent, all round, community type centre. I like to think of it as "Library Plus", as apart from the 'central library' it really has something for everyone, of any age group, and various interests, tastes, and needs.

They have excellent facilities, including the Cafe, shop, the Public Computer network suite, and various courses and enjoyable events. Also the staff team are absolutely excellent, always polite and pleasant, very helpful, and usually very knowledgeable about various facilities and subjects.

They really seem to do everything they possibly can to promote the centre's various activities. In my view, it's the best amenity we have left in Gosport as well.



21/01/2012 12:01pm

John B.

I'm very proud of this excellent facility in our town.

Apart from the obvious books to lend, there is also a great selection of CD's & DVD's and also more unusual things to borrow such as Ordnance Survey Maps (the Explorer Map series are brilliant for anyone who does any walking or outdoor activities).

The building itself is very airy and inviting and well laid out. If you ever happen to need help and advice the staff are very approachable, knowledgeable and friendly.

A great library, which I use almost every week.


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