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24/07/2010 06:20am

Christine Bond

Althought I enjoyed this event I was very disappointed that despite arriving on time that the sample cocktails has run out out. I bought 3 tickets for this event and none of us recieved a cocktail which appears to me to be the result of very bad organisation.

WDC replies

We initially invited a different cocktail bar to come along but unfortunately due to staff shortages they could not attend and therefore we invited a substitute at the last minute. Each business was invited to bring some samples but there were no obligation on them to provide a certain number and this aspect of the event was not included in the £5 ticket cost. It was an additional free add on.We're glad you enjoyed the event and are sorry to hear that you were disappointed at not receiving one of the free cocktail samples. The event was a great success so I suspect we will hold similar events in the future and I will definitely pass on your comments when planning the next event to ensure a similar issue doesn’t arise.



28/04/2010 02:40pm

martin healey

I asked at the reception desk book for a book by Cortot, with 'rational piano technique' in the title. It was a long and painful process, spelling out words - I spelled 'Cortot' out 3 times, and still the assistant read it back to me as 'Crotot'! I dictated my email address and that was mis-recorded too, as I discovered when I asked to see her screen. Everyone makes mistakes, so wouldn't it have saved a lot of time and trouble if I had been able to see her screen as she typed things in? Names and email addresses need to be 100% accurate when using a computer, and the customer is much more likely to spot a slip than the library assistant! They know what their own email address looks like. It's inviting trouble not to show the customer what's being typed in, and the customer shouldn't have to ask to do so. At the very least, books will be incorrectly reported as 'not found', which is a frustrating and unnecessary waste of time and resources for everyone.

WDC replies

We do train our staff to show the screen to customers to clarify information and will revisit this in training. I understand that we have sourced a copy of Rational Principles of Pianoforte Technique by Alfred Cortot from outside Hampshire Libraries and will contact you when this arrives.



16/02/2010 08:03am


I was looking for the opening times of the Winchester public library from an Internet enquiry, so I end up with the discovery centre.

But what is IT?

is it a library?

or something quite different?

Where is it? that might tell me if its the library I know. No easy information on location.

Not good web site for users with simple questions...

Discovery Centre replies

Winchester Discovery Centre is a new generation of library, which includes a great deal more than you would find in a traditional library such as a theatre space, museum, gallery and cafe. We don't call it a library because the library is only one element of what the building offers, but you can see on the navigation on the left of the home page that Books and Reading are prominently displayed and our contact and location details are on the right hand side of the homepage. If you would like to know more about our Discovery Centre programme.



15/10/2009 09:29am

Alys Blakeway

I had a lengthy wait in the queue at the cafe counter, as the new young member of staff, whose first language was not English and had been left on her own, was somewhat flustered and unable to cope through no fault of hers.

Winchester Discovery Centre reply

Your comments will be fed back to our catering manager to ensure the situation does not occur again.



27/07/2009 03:51pm


Mrs Jane Planner

I enrolled on a 'Short Story Writing Workshop' held at the Discovery Centre in Winchester on Saay, 25/07/09 with Keith Bennett. This was the best writing course I have ever been on! Keith is a very talented writer & teacher- his passion for his subject, his love of words was obvious in his teaching style. We all wrote so much & I finally understood how to construct a short or any story for that matter! I have been on lots of other courses but this stood, 'head & shoulders' above the rest because of Keith. Thank you very much for organising this workshop. Regards, Mrs Jane Planner.



27/07/2009 03:50pm



The Discovery Centre tries to do too many things and doesn't accomplish any to a satisfactory standard.

There is nowhere quiet to work, except for the "railway room". The cafe is too hot to be comfortable. I was initially overjoyed to find that the whole building had free wi-fi, but it seems to only work downstairs, where there are no decent desks.

Look at a more "old-fashioned" library like Brixton for inspiration.



04/06/2009 05:46pm


Eleanor Yates

The Discovery Centre is a gem and is a perfect resource for Winchester. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I love popping in when I am in town, but sometimes it can be a bit hot in there. Keep up the good work.


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