Calshot Activities Centre

Planning a school visit

In selecting activities for your course, our programme planners take several factors into account. It is essential that the programme for a group reflects the aims and objectives of you as a party leader.

Age group, time of year, special needs of individuals and the group as a whole, all affect the mix of activities which may be selected. We can guide you in selecting suitable activities that also meet your educational requirements.

Students participating in courses with a watersports content should be able to swim 50 metres in light clothing. Weak or non-swimmers can also be accommodated, please discuss details when planning your course.

We are always pleased to welcome teachers to inspect the Centre as part of the booking enquiry. If you are unable to visit, we can easily plan over the telephone or by email. Alternatively, a member of our staff can visit your school to discuss your requirements and proposals, meet your senior staff and attend a parents’ evening. A copy of the agreed programme is sent to you for approval.

Your programme becomes the direct responsibility of an appointed Course Director, who meets the group on arrival and ensures the smooth running of all aspects of your stay.

Groups are split according to strict ratios and each smaller group is allocated an instructor who leads them through each activity. Instructors work with slightly larger groups for the structured evening programme.



Safety is our prime consideration. The Centre operates within the guidelines laid down by National Governing Bodies, and the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, as well as conforming to the very stringent standards laid down by Hampshire County Council.

  • Activities overseen by experienced and qualified staff
  • All instructional staff are first aid qualified.
  • Mobile phones are available for groups off site.
  • VHF radios are used afloat and ashore.
  • Minibuses have forward facing seats with seat or lap belts.
  • Helmets are worn by all novice sailors in singlehanders.
  • All ski bindings are set to individuals ‘DIN’ setting.
  • Full body or chest harnesses are available for climbing.

However, the activities provided by Calshot are potentially hazardous in nature and participants must accept a certain degree of risk. Those with parental responsibility must also recognise a degree of risk when signing the consent form.


Calshot’s Instructional team is led by a highly qualified and experienced group of staff, whose qualifications include RYA Dinghy Coach/Assessors, RYA Windsurfing Trainers, RYA Powerboat Trainers, BCU Coaches and MLTB Trainers.

As Instructor Trainers/Assessors they have the perfect credentials to ensure our whole instructional team is working to the highest standards.


Please read the terms and conditions below

1. Dates offered can be held open for a maximum of 28 days. Dates & places cannot be secured until a booking form signed by the Headteacher and payment in accordance with the conditions below, have been received and acknowledged by the Centre. Existing customers will enjoy priority over new customers if competing for dates, provided deposits are paid.

2. Fees charged will be those applicable on the date of commencement of the course, except for 5 day courses overlapping October / November which will be charged at November rate. Customers who pay in full in the previous fee year, will have the guaranteed benefit of prices ruling at the time of payment.

3. A deposit (currently £110 per head per week,with £55 non returnable, or £60 per head for weekends, with £30 non returnable), is required on booking, £55 is non returnable (50% for weekends) but £55 will be refunded in respect of number reductions notified to Bookings staff more than 6 months in advance of start. Payment of balance of fees is required 10 weeks before commencement. Alternatively, for courses held during the Autumn term, schools may prefer to pay a non returnable deposit of £55 per head on booking, with full balance of course fees being paid by the end of September (or before course commencement if earlier). For 6th form colleges this arrangement can apply for Winter as well as Autumn term provided balance is paid by end of October (or before commencement if earlier). For bookings made more than 12 months ahead by existing customers, a deposit of £55 per head (non returnable) is acceptable provided payment of the £55 per head balance of deposit is made 12 months before course commencement.

4. Group sizes booked must be exact multiples of

  • 6 (Watersports only courses)
  • 8 (Mixed Water & Landsports courses)
  • 10 (Landsports and Field Studies courses)

5. Refunds (less non returnable deposit) will only be made for numbers reductions notified 6 months ahead. Non attendance for medical or other reasons will not qualify for a refund.

6. Changes in numbers must be notified in writing immediately to Bookings staff. Fees will be charged on the basis of numbers acknowledged, in writing, by them.

7. Liability for loss, damage or injury is only accepted by HCC if resulting from negligence by the County Council, its servants or agents. We recommend that you take out insurance to cover risks of accident, illness, loss of personal belongings or cancellation. HCC Education Department offers this for its own schools.

8. Discipline & conduct of school or under 18’s groups will be the responsibility of the person in charge of the group. The accompanying staff are asked to assist Centre Staff with the evening programme and will be responsible for pastoral care. The Centre reserves the right to request payment for wilful damage to property or equipment, or for any disturbance caused by members of the group.

Any special dietary needs and medical conditions should be communicated to the Centre Bookings staff in writing, at least four weeks in advance.


Calshot Activities Centre

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