Surface Dressing - how you can help it go smoothly

We shall do our very best to minimise the impact of the works. You can help us to get the job done by following this simple advice:

  1. Please do not park on the road (during the day) until the road has been surface dressed and the initial sweeping has been completed.
  2. Please keep children and pets away – for safety and cleanliness.
  3. When driving, please keep to the temporary speed limits and avoid sharp turns or heavy braking to allow the surface to stabilise.
  4. Check your shoes before entering your car or home.
  5. Remove bitumen stains promptly with a proprietary cleaner for cleaning tar which can be purchased from any motoring store.
  6. Make a note of the date that the road was dressed and put a note in your diary 14 days later to leave your car on a neighbouring street so that the Contractor can give the road a final sweep and repaint all the lines. We may also clean the gullies at the same time. Your patience and co-operation are greatly appreciated and we hope not to bother you again for another 10 years!
  7. If someone overtakes you in excess of the speed limit, throwing up a stones that subsequently damage you car, safely make a note of their number plate - you will need this if you are intending to claim damages from them.