Highway Maintenance

Surface Dressing - Facts and Figures

  • Hampshire County Council spends about £3 million surface dressing approximately 300km (3%)of roads and 50km (1%) of footpaths each year.

  • Surface dressing directly contributes to saving 10 lives across Hampshire each year and reduces the overall number of accidents by 40%. This represents not only a saving in personal trauma associated with road traffic accidents but also financial savings of about £20 million each year.

  • About 2,600 tonnes of bitumen emulsion (bitumen and water) is sprayed onto the road each year.

  • 14% of the 16,000 tonnes of aggregate used each year are from a recycled source.

  • The surface dressing process is so refined that there is less than 1% wastage on all the materials used.

  • It costs about £16,000 per mile to surface dress the carriageway, £10,000 per mile for footpaths.

  • With good weather and road conditions, it's possible for a team to complete about one mile of road or footway per day.