Do's and Don'ts During Times of Flooding

  • Do not discharge water into the sewer system

Sewers are different from other types of drain. Sewers are not designed to accommodate flood water and discharging water into them will quickly overwhelm them causing surcharge and flooding of foul water.

  • Do not pump water onto the highway

It is an offence to discharge water onto the highway and Hampshire County Council can take action to stop it. At times of widespread flooding a pragmatic approach is needed and this is adopted by Hampshire.

The pumping out of water from private cellars onto the highway is a particular problem especially during winter times when the water can freeze and form ice on the roads. For this reason Hampshire will not allow water to be pumped/discharged onto the highway. If you have a cellar that is liable to flood make contact us to see if an alternative discharge point can be arranged, such as ducting to a regular watercourse or highway gully. Under no circumstances discharge flood water into the sewer system